Burble Software

Burble Software

Designed and developed by a highly-experienced developer/programmer-turned-DZO, everything has been thought of to make this the solution you have been waiting for.

For Tandems:

  • A streamlined reservation and waiver system that makes it fast and easy to book a jump for themselves and all their friends
  • Social intergration that encourages your customers to share their booking online and allows friends to easily join in.

For Manifest:

  • A completely re-imagined mission control center with intelligent features that make their jobs easier and eliminates redundant tasks
  • Powerful, customizable back end configuration options that drive the Smart Features on the front end

For Sport Jumpers:

  • Self-manifesting eliminates the need for manifest to deal with each jumper's requests individually
  • Group organization, electronic logbooks, data tracking, event organization, and so much more!

Location: The Cloud

Website: http://burblesoftware.com