Alli Smith

Account Manager

Email: alli AT amazethecustomer DOT com

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With a project management background and certification in Lean Six Sigma, Alli Smith brings an analytical mind and efficient systems driven approach to the DropZone Marketing team. She currently works as an account manager specializing in analyzing SEO effectiveness in our client's digital footprint.


With a love of the sky and all things outdoors, Alli made her first skydive in 2003 not far from where she was raised at Skydive Pennsylvania. She grew an appreciation for what it takes to operate a dropzone while working in manifest at Skydive Carolina. Behind the scenes at boogies like CarolinaFest she would thrive on implementing systems to help the event run safely and smoothly. After approximately 200 skydives she left the sport to pursue other passions. With inspiration from Beyond Marketing and other small business entrepreneurs, Alli followed her passion of helping others and opened Finding Your Fertility a practice dedicated to supporting women and couples conceive naturally and have healthy pregnancies.

Not only was your presentation spot on, but your real life experience and real time knowledge of dealing with a crisis situation have helped our newer team members and, even the more seasoned members such as myself... thank you for your professionalism, knowledge, and real world experience to help educate the team with an outside perspective to help us grow!

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