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James La Barrie is passionate about marketing and the skydiving industry. As a former drop zone manager for nine years, La Barrie is the antithesis of most marketing professionals. He doesn't believe that great marketing starts with throwing money at an advertising campaign, but rather implements techniques in word of mouth (womm), social media, company culture and world class branding to create a connection with guests that drive the bottom line. In an age where the millennial (born after 1981) is a DZ's number one customer, La Barrie's style of marketing is tailor made for creating trust with a generation of consumers who are true digital natives.


James was raised on the Caribbean island of Antigua. The son of hoteliers and restauranteurs, La Barrie learned at an early age how to grow a business: have your customers become the marketing team by amazing them. La Barrie would later implement this style as a PGA Head Golf Professional for five years and the management of Skydive Carolina for nine years.

While at Skydive Carolina, La Barrie worked as both the marketing manager and events coordinator where he created the reknowned CarolinaFest and was able to experiment with marketing techniques without spending major money. His approach to marketing proved huge results with the introduction of the iPhone in 2008 and the wide use of social media... word of mouth had a vehicle!

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, La Barrie had dreams of opening his own company and left Skydive Carolina in December of 2012 and launched Beyond Marketing in January of 2013. Since that time, La Barrie works extensively within the skydiving and hospitality industries teaching companies how to improve its culture allowing for the delivery of five star service which ignites word of mouth to spread virally.

In February of 2015, James launched DropZone Marketing to better cater to the skydiving industry and have a central blog to share specific marketing information for the skydiving industry.

La Barrie is a featured writer for Blue Skies Magazine, DropZone.com and also writes a private newsletter (click the orange button below to receive his newsletter) for industry professionals every two weeks.

James' expertise in web site development and internet marketing is unmatched. But even more importantly he took on my project like it was his own.

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