Melissa Harper

SEO Account Manager

Email: melissa AT amazethecustomer DOT com

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With a background in business development and project management, Melissa Harper enjoys working with business owners to understand the needs of their organization in order to create strategies to drive revenue results. In her role as Account Manager, Melissa works with each client to develop an SEO strategy to improve online presence and ultimately deliver results to the bottom line.


Prior to joining the DropZone Marketing team, Melissa was responsible for all education and professional development services provided through Mastering Business Development, Inc.'s training division. She also has a background in performing arts and received a Contemporary Music major from Bryan College. After completing her degree, Melissa spent five years touring and performing with the Boston-based band, Gretel.

In 2010, she moved to the Charlotte area to support her husband's dream of starting a summer camp, Camp Canaan, in Rock Hill, SC. In that same year, they made their first-ever skydives together at Skydive Carolina. If she had to explain the experience in only one word, she'd say it was empowering.

When not at work, Melissa can be found caring for her two adorable sons, enjoying her love of the outdoors or, if you're lucky, you can catch her on stage performing in the folk duo "Woodland" at a local venue in South Charlotte.

As the organizer for the Midwest Skydivers Reunion, the single biggest and best decision I made was to hire James LaBarrie as the organizing consultant for the event. He came highly recommended and even though I had no knowledge of his background, after talking with him I could tell he had extensive experience in organizing events of this type.

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