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I have been very impressed with Squirrel’s marketing – it’s dynamite on all fronts. If they are able to deliver on service and their equipment is as good as advertised – this company is and will continue to take market share from it’s competitors. Here’s why:

BRANDING – The logo is simple, distinct, modern and fun. Based on what I’ve seen online about the company, it fits with their personality. 

Easy to navigate, consistent with it’s branding, simple, photo-centric and information-rich. With content creation, more traffic is driven to their site by posting their news, photos and product information via social media. 

Many DZs in the industry post content on social media to topics on other sites and not enough to their own. Driving more traffic to your own site helps with SEO. Content creation is KEY. 

A special nod to the selection of .ws as opposed to .com. This was a brilliant move allowing their domain name to be easily remembered for its simplicity and difference. is not available, so they thought outside of the box on this relating .ws to wingsuit. Most .ws domains are found in Western Samoa. Kudos to whomever came up with this! 

PHILOSOPHY – Perhaps the most impressive part of this company is they took the time to spell out their reason for being – making this company feel authentic and even more attractive. Though Squirrel is in business to make money, it is clear that it was not created with the sole purpose of making money. There is a higher purpose. The owners saw a gap in the marketplace and solved the pain points themselves. 

People want to do business with other people – not with a large corporation. The Squirrel folks present themselves as being approachable and available. 

VALUES – The owners of Squirrel have also published what’s important to them – again making them feel very authentic. Their published values use strong language which holds the company to a high standard – I find this impressive. If they don’t hold to this standard, they will be called out on it. Here’s a few examples from their website:


We promise to reply to your emails ASAP; the same day if possible, and in most cases less than 24hrs. When you choose Squirrel, we do everything we can to make your order flow smoothly with accurate and plentiful lead time information, and after-sale service that is the best in the business. You won’t find us on any online forum, so if you have a question please contact us directly.

The statement above takes advantage of a pain point in our industry by various manufacturers who are slow to respond (or respond at all).


The magic of our production facility is part of what makes Squirrel so awesome. With access to a huge range of materials, machinery, and vast sewing experience, we are able to provide our customers with the fastest delivery times in the industry. On average, most custom equipment is delivered in less than five weeks, with many products available in less than three. Furthermore, our order tracking system is transparent and managed personally by the owners of the company – we will email you directly when your order is received, your payment is received, your equipment is put into production, again when your equipment is near shipping (with address confirmation), and then you will receive shipping notifications from us and the courier, and finally a follow up contact once your equipment has been delivered.

Lead times may be the biggest pain point in the industry. Everyone wants their stuff YESTERDAY. The fact that Squirrel touts such a fast lead time (in relation to the industry) and so boldly (despite manufacturing that takes place in Vietnam), this makes the company that much more attractive to its consumer base. 

LASTLY – The video productions they have created to showcase their products are brilliant. How boring can it be to highlight the features of a rig? Pretty boring, unless you make it a little edgy and funny. If you can get people to laugh, you can get them to listen. Note the professionalism of this production: 

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