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10 Facebook Power Tips DZ Marketing

Facebook is an important tool in our marketing strategies, but too often its use is not maximized. Many businesses focus on how many followers they have, when the real statistic that we should be paying attention to is how much engagement our followers are having with our pages. Increasing engagement means getting creative with our content. Here are 11 Power Tips for Increasing Facebook Engagement.

1. Create Unique Content 

Part of my own marketing is to create original content on my blog and then position the link to the content on my social media channels and in my e-mail newsletters.

The benefit of this is the increase in click rates into my website helping with organic SEO and increasing the probability of gaining a new customer by showcasing my level of expertise.

Chances are you’re reading this blog post because you came across it on a social media platform or via my e-mail newsletter. The same theory should be applied to your DZ’s blog. Focus on providing quality information that will help your customers. If you’re not sure what to blog about, start with addressing (in depth) each of the FAQs found on the FAQ page of your website. Usually, the FAQ page is the third most visited page of a DZ’s website behind the home page and the rates page.

It takes time to create original content for your website, but if you’re serious about marketing and growing your business… this isn’t a wish, it’s a must.


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2. Create Participation



Give your fans / followers an opportunity to raise their hands and engage with your questions or statements.

Creating participation is especially effective with former tandem skydive customers who would love to brag about their skydiving experience. Give them the opportunity to do just that via your social media platforms.

Look at the example above. This statement invites your followers to ‘LIKE’ the photo if they’ve jumped from your aircraft.

The engagement levels on this post are very high. When your followers are engaged, your business gains greater exposure. This will result in more social media followers and increased sales opportunities.

Tip: Boost a post like this to expand its reach. Boosting a post by $5 will increase exposure and engagement significantly.


3. Use Humor

Facebook-Tips-for-the-Skydiving-IndustryIf you can make people laugh, you can make people listen. This is a strong strategy as the majority of people use smartphones to view Facebook. Stop their thumbs from scrolling down their newsfeed by hitting them with some funny content. In the post above, it was effective because it was both timely and humorous.

4. Use Unique Photography

Tips for Using FacebookIt’s easy for us to use skydiving imagery all the time, but try to use unique photography beyond just skydiving imagery. Even photography of people skydiving can get monotonous – change it up a bit.

5. Sunrise / Sunset Photography

Facebook Tips for the Skydiving IndustryWe all love sunrises and sunsets. Incorporate it into your messaging and you’ll see big engagement… guaranteed.

6. Inspire

Facebook Tips for the Skydiving IndustryMost people want to be inspired and we’ve got the perfect material to do this! Show off your brave customers leaving their comfort zones and inspire more people to do the same.

7. Don’t Be Boastful, Negative or Put Others Down

Never negative. Ever. It’s always positive, all of the time. We have the privilege to give someone a great day… what are we complaining about? Furthermore, it’s ideal if other people tell you how great your business is instead of you telling the world how great you are.

8. Acknowledge What We See, But Don’t Always Say

Social Media Tips for the Skydiving IndustryThis is what made Seinfeld such a successful show. The writers made observations about everyday human behavior that few people are able to aptly verbalize. Look for these opportunities wherever possible.

9. Utilize Countdowns

Social Media Tips for the Skydiving Industry - FacebookCountdowns build an interest about something you’re unveiling and will increase engagement.

10. Use Compelling Video

Rule number one about video: keep it short and interesting. The best video content allows for your end users to get in and get out fairly quickly. High energy content that gets to the heart of the matter is usually the best way to go.

Tip: Demo footage usually does very well. Pay attention to the Denver Broncos Demo Team. Their footage is captivating and drives big time engagement.

11. Showcase People

Compelling Facebook posts for the skydiving industryAs a community, we love to showcase each other. Showcase the people who are well-respected in your community.


Bonus Tip

Try to combine the elements listed above for engagement magic!

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