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For the Western Hemisphere, the 2016 skydiving season is a few short months away. Undoubtedly, DZs are busy ensuring all staffing needs are finalized, equipment and planes ready and the events calendar under development. How much thought are DZs giving to a more comprehensive marketing plan?

The following are the core essentials, I’d recommend to have in your marketing toolbox. Many DZs do some of these elements well, but very few do them all well. From my experience working with DZs in multiple markets, the operators that are able to excel in the execution of the following five marketing mediums are the market leaders.

SEO Development

If your business is not on page one of a Google query for the most searched keywords in your marketplace (do you know what those keywords are?) then your DZ is losing business to someone else. Third party websites invest heavily in SEO (search engine optimization) development to increase web traffic and convert sales. We’re in a new era where the DZ across town is not your only competitor. All businesses must be more vigilant about SEO development or we will continue to lose market share to third party businesses or other DZs making the investment. Google is the number one tool in the world for people searching for anything… be sure your business can be found there.



Here are some SEO specific questions to ask when putting together an SEO strategy:

1. Do you know the most commonly searched keywords in your marketplace for skydiving? (Don’t guess. There is hard data to show you what those keywords are and they may not be what you think they are).

2. Is your website optimized for the most commonly searched keywords?

3. Are you developing and monitoring your local citations ensuring that your company’s name, address and phone (NAP) number are listed the same everywhere?

4. Do you have a verified Google business page?

5. Are you creating new and valuable content for your website on a regular basis?

6. Do you have a link building strategy to ensure other trusted sites are linking back to yours?

7. Are you monitoring your domain authority?

If you are unsure about these questions or don’t know what they mean, then you’ll need to learn. If you’ve hired an SEO company and are unsure if your SEO company is doing each of these elements for you, be sure that they are. There are a lot of companies that leverage the ignorance of business owners by not doing all they can to develop their customer’s SEO. (click here to learn how to spot SEO scams).

I cannot stress the importance of paying attention to SEO development enough. It’s simply a necessity to operate in today’s business world.

DropZone Marketing manages SEO development for many DZs. Our approach is white hat (we follow the guidelines as set forth by Google) and we’d be happy to give you a free consultation for SEO if you’re not currently developing yours.


Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a powerful marketing tool and is the best bang for your buck in advertising. Many DZs utilize AdWords, but often don’t know the intricacies of this platform and waste money as a result. Be sure to track your sales conversions, create relevant ad campaigns, ensure you have a high click thru rate and an appropriate budget to get your highest ROI. Use AdWords and use it well!

Are you using AdWords? Would you like a free consultation of your AdWords performance? DropZone Marketing’s Marcella Smith is a Certified Google AdWords Professional and can offer you some complimentary tips to ensure you increase your Click Thru Rate (CTR). 

Word of Mouth Marketing – WOMM

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) isn’t something we hope will happen when we give good service. It’s an entire strategy focused on having your customers market for you on social media and review sites. There’s never been a form of marketing more powerful than WOMM. The core fundamental to spreading WOMM is exceeding expectations at every customer point of interaction. Have you taken a step back to examine each point of interaction (there are more than 20) at your DZ?

Interested in learning more about how to spread WOMM at your DZ? Contact James La Barrie at DZM for a complimentary 15 minute call to discuss ways to ignite WOMM. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 8.38.18 PM

Social Media

Everyone is on social media, but very few DZs use it well (in fact, the majority of DZs use it poorly). Business owners are too concerned about the amount of followers they have and not enough about engagement. Social media has become something business owners feel they need to do, but they don’t often have a strategy behind how they’re using it. Too often, businesses use social media to sell. The purpose of social media is to engage your customers, develop a conversation with them, and gain their loyalty and trust. If all you do on social media is attempt to sell your product, you’re using the platform incorrectly. Click to read more about increasing your fan following and engagement for your DZ’s Facebook page.

Social Media:

  • can help with your SEO objectives
  • allows you to engage with lots of your followers everyday (invaluable)
  • is an excellent platform for targeted advertising
  • is a platform for fans to share their experiences about your business

I have seen many DZ and manufacturer pages push their objectives. Be sure your social media isn’t like Mike’s YouTube video below – constantly selling!

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful marketing platforms and is underutilized (you probably arrived at this article from my e-mail marketing campaign). As an industry, we don’t use the medium well because the majority of DZs only use e-mail marketing to sell our specials. Strong e-mail marketing should deliver quality content that helps your readership and increases engagement… along with your sales.

By the numbers from

E-mail Statistics


Implement these five approaches to your marketing plan and watch your sales increase!


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