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As a general whole, our industry could be doing better with social media. We’ve lost focus as to why it’s important to be on social in the first place. Are we on it because everyone else is? Are we monetizing it? Are we utilizing social in a way that generates more revenue or leads for our business? The majority of businesses in the skydiving industry aren’t tapping into the full potential of social media. With the volume of amazing photography coming out of our sport everyday, we should be taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by social to engage with customers, pique their interest and build brand awareness.

Below, are some tips to help maximize your Facebook efforts.

Focus on Engagement

Social media provides a great opportunity to interact with current customers (fun jumpers and former student jumpers). The more engagement your posts are able to generate, the more eyeballs will be exposed to your brand. To me, the number one objective for social media is increasing engagement. The only way to generate meaningful engagement is to create good content. Too many businesses are gauging the success of their social by how many followers they have; this is the wrong metric to be paying attention to. If you’ve got thousands of followers and low engagement, then you’ve got a lot of people ignoring your messaging. Focus on increasing engagement, and you’ll start seeing more followers joining your page.

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Utilize Facebook LIVE

By now you’re probably aware that it’s possible to stream live video from your mobile phone. This is a HUGE

Broadcasting live from the Facebook app, couldn't be easier.

Broadcasting live from the Facebook app, couldn’t be easier.

opportunity for the skydiving industry because of the opportunity for great storytelling! The advantage of our industry is there’s so much great content available. Imagine being a brick and mortar business of any kind and trying to come up with good content ideas. It’s certainly possible, but it pales in comparison to what we have at our fingertips every week.


Why You Should Implement Facebook Live to your social: 

Higher Engagement. Statistics show that users watch live videos three times longer than uploaded videos.

News Feed. Live streams are more likely to appear at the top of the news feed. With this positioning, users will engage with the video increasing the exposure.

Algorightm. Facebook’s algorithm will now give more preference to video that is live than video that is not. This fact alone is reason enough to start using this feature!


Stop Selling

There’s a big difference between monetizing and selling. No one likes to be sold to, so stop doing it. In the video below, I often feel like Mike represents many DZs who keep publishing poor photography of what we do and expect people to like it. It’s like saying “look at what we do, look at what we do, look at what we do.”

People can become desensitized to the skydiving imagery we’re putting out. We’ve got to be more creative in how we resonate:

  • stop pointing out the obvious
  • be authentic
  • utilize humor
  • inspire people


“there must be a strategy to get people from your social channel to your website”

Be Authentic

If you’re hiring someone to manage your social, be sure that they at least understand the sport and what your customers are actually experiencing. Recently, we’ve been seeing more third party companies managing social media for DZs and it’s clear the content is not authentic and obvious a third party is managing it. The examples below are not good. We have amazing imagery… let’s use it and be creative with it!





If you’re a DZO recognizing these images from your social page and feel that I’m targeting you… I’m not. It’s easy to identify this social media company and others because they’re producing the exact same content for each of their clients. It’s all the same!

Your audience should get a sense of not just what you do, but also who you are. Feature your instructors, the owners and the people who skydive at your operation. This is real and this is what your audience wants more of.

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As mentioned above, there’s a big difference between selling and monetizing. If all we do is position content out on social, how do you make money from your efforts? Firstly, you have to follow the tips mentioned above. Secondly, there must be a strategy to get people from your social channel to your website. To do this means you must generate quality content on your website, link it on your social channels and drive readers back to your site. Get your followers to engage with your site and be sure a ‘Book Now’ button is on every page for them to click or tap. This is how it’s done.

Think about this: Why does anyone generate content? None of us have time for it! The reason content is created is to get people back to a website to read it. If people love the content (it needs to have value) then they will share it, bringing even more traffic back to the site. Statistically, the more people you’re able to drive to your site, the higher the conversion rate for a sale. The key is having a user-friendly and well-designed site to keep them there.

If you’re reading this post right now, note how you got here. This is my own form of marketing. I generate valuable content to help my potential clients: YOU. I wrote this blog post, inserted it in my e-mail marketing and on social media which brought you here. You are now being exposed to my brand. You’re forming an opinion about me and hopefully thinking, “this guy seems to know a little about marketing.” You may never hire me, but if you hear someone looking for marketing help… you see where this is going. Just as you got to my website to read this post, you should replicate this model for your own business.

Driving Traffic To Your Website



This diagram visually shows how to drive traffic to your business’ website. Position valuable content on your website and distribute it to various social channels.

Submit press releases for valuable links back to your site and invest in pay per click campaigns like Google Ad Words.

Pay To Play

When it comes to Facebook, the reality is we have to pay to play. Don’t be annoyed because it used to be free; advertising in social is a smart investment. I would recommend boosting any posts driving traffic back to your website. Remember, more eyeballs, more sales.

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