5 Brands Killing It With Content

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There are several brands in the skydiving industry doing an excellent job of connecting with their audiences by generating excellent content. An examination of who’s doing it and why it’s so good:



If you took the time to watch this whole piece, you’ll agree that this video went from being good (showing how a rig is made) to amazing when it transitioned to showcasing its people (starting at the 1:45 mark). This video didn’t try to sell anything, but rather showed the people behind the brand. This is more interesting than any ad because we get to go ‘behind the scenes.’ I feel more connected to Sun Path¬†because it showed me its personality. There are many rig manufacturers in the marketplace today, but none have shown themselves like this. I’d say this was the best piece of marketing from the skydiving industry in 2015.


Sunpath Products




“My biggest fear is to be stuck in a routine and live life in a mundane way.”

This content takes an authentic approach through storytelling. It’s opening line resonates. “My biggest fear is to be stuck in a routine and live life in a mundane way.” Universally, this is a sentiment we all share. The Australian Parachute Federation isn’t trying to sell skydiving by using extreme athletes with heavy metal music, but instead are showing normal people (albeit beautiful) telling their stories with the same insecurities and worries we have. THIS IS GOOD MARKETING.

Drop Zones can take this very same approach by showcasing their customers. When others see normal people like you and I jumping, it gives them the confidence to do it themselves.

Wisconsin Skydiving Center


The Wisconsin Skydiving Center told a story of how great their operation is through the words of their customers and staff and the outcome was excellent. Showcasing their students who tell their stories both before and after their jumps empowers others. Additionally, you get a true sense of the dropzone and its owners and what this organization is all about. In a crowded marketplace,WSC has separated themselves from many other DZs by showing who they are as opposed to just what they do.



It’s little wonder that Squirrel Wingsuits have grabbed so much market share despite being in the marketplace for such a short time. They have done an excellent job with their branding and they use content creation and storytelling better than anyone else in the industry. This is their standard and it’s truly world class. In the piece above, Squirrel uses humor by comparing their new Ibex to a David Attenborough nature program. If you can get people to laugh, you can get people to listen. A video simply showing a new product would fall on deaf ears. Telling a story with humor… gold. To the marketing team at Squirrel: you continue to impress!

The video below is also found within the video gallery for Squirrel and its inclusion is also brilliant. As you can see, this cat video has nothing to do with the subject matter, however it tells a story about the Squirrel team. These guys enjoy having fun. Their brand is a lifestyle of fun, not a corporate brand following the tight script of what professional marketing should look like. This video tells me so much about these guys and, like my feature of Nuts.com, tells me a lot about them as people. Really digging this!





AXIS Flight School


AXIS Flight School has been producing great content from an entertainment standpoint as well as an educational one.
Have a look at their YouTube page and you’ll see a huge variety of stuff. Their brand awareness is way up (I wouldn’t know much about them if not for their videos and content in various magazines).


The best marketing resonates. The best way to resonate is to be authentic and use storytelling to showcase who you are. This resonates with Millennials (our number 1 target market) and our general customer base. It’s time to stop selling and start showcasing who we are and why we’re passionate about what we do.

The examples above all use video. Though effective, this can be done by generating great content on your DZs blog (something every DZ should have).

Have questions? Contact us, we’d love to chat with you about generating great content for your DZ!

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