Was Heaven Sent Good For Skydiving?


Photo by Benjamin Forde | Fordesign

Since Saturday night, my Facebook feed has been lit up about Luke Aikins’, 25,000-foot jump (would we call that a skydive?).

The opinions of many skydivers have been varied from anger to amazement.

Regardless of whether you agree with this jump or not, was the Heaven Sent project good for our sport?

I believe it was great.


Not since Red Bull Stratos has the world been so focused on skydiving. My 65-year-old father watched Saturday’s jump with total fascination from his armchair and then called me right after. “Did I see that?” I have a sense that millions of people responded just as my Dad did. Though many will call Luke ‘crazy’, the jump has created a huge buzz on social media and the global news media. Good stuff if you’re in the business of skydiving.

In my opinion, Heaven Sent was better for skydiving than Stratos because it felt more like a skydive than a space odyssey. We got to see skydivers falling alongside Luke and it all looked impressive. Furthermore, the fact that Luke has over 18,000 skydives himself sends a message that this sport can be done safely.

On this Monday morning, people will return to work and this event will be part of the conversation, everywhere.

Heaven Sent featured on ESPN’s Sports Center… #1 on their Top 10 list.


From a psychological perspective, I liked that this stunt was more extreme than a skydive. This stunt was (should be) a one off, but for those that were captivated and wish to experience what free fall feels like, the next best thing, and safest option is making a tandem skydive at your local DZ.

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Point Break, the Bucket List,  X-Games, and decades of James Bond scenes captivated our imaginations of flying and led people to dropzones everywhere. Like a five-minute free fall conversing with your friends, Heaven Sent will have an effect on thousands of viewers who watched Saturday’s jump in total awe. I believe many future skydivers will one day say they were inspired by this event.


How was your heart rate watching the jump? Mine was elevated and I imagine everyone else’s was as well. Watching this brought about a physical and emotional response as we all willed Luke to hit the net. It was a special kind of television event because we were so engaged by what we were seeing; there was a collective sigh when he landed safely. Watching an actual person perform this feat on live television created an emotional response that resonated with people in a way a cool skydiving scene in Ironman (or any Hollywood film) never could.

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Luke Aikins is a great ambassador for our sport. For such a big stunt, he was measured, professional and represented us all really well. We met his family in People Magazine and got a sense of who he was. Had the person who did this stunt been immature and carefree, it would not have reflected well nor had the impact that it did.



Craig Girard celebrates with Luke Aikins. Photo by Benjamin Forde | Fordesigns

Thank God this all worked out!

Luke’s awe-inspiring feat has the world talking about our sport and you can’t buy advertising better than that.

Well done Luke! We’re all so glad you made it!

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below! 

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2 thoughts on “Was Heaven Sent Good For Skydiving?”

  1. I think it was GREAT for skydiving! The entire jump showcased the skills that we use on every jump. What a fantastic way to bring more awareness to our sport. Most everyone will understand that we are “not going to try this at home” but the video of the Luke and his team in free fall was fantastic along with the commentary explaining, for the uninitiated, what was going on. Kudos to Luke and his team and thank GOD everything went according to plan.

  2. When I first heard about the jump it was one week before. Thank god. The suspense would have driven me nuts. In that week I was able to research most of the details. One video of Luke jumping out a 206 at Perris qued me in right away. Perris is where I have made my skydiving resurrection . Last Thursday hardly anyone had heard he was going to jump Sat.
    Today everyone knew he did it and were jazzed.
    Hell yes I hope it’s good for business. I had a 41 year layoff. I’ve spent more on one jump than I did in a month in 1973.
    Running a good and safe DZ is expensive as hell. I hope this “stunt”brings in tons of tandems and AFFs.

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