5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media Tips

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

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Skydiving has come a long way. We’re lucky in a way that social media has become such an incredible and powerful resource that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag compared to billboards or prime time TV or radio spots. However, social media can be daunting. Here is a simple guide of the top 5 tips to stand out on social media over your competition.

Be on Facebook AND Instagram

These social platforms are the Mecca for the skydiving industry. With Facebook boasting 1.7 billion ACTIVE users and owning Instagram, they are prime real estate for targeting the skydiving and wind tunnel demographic.

Use Simple Best Practices

Just how we develop relationships person-to-person, we treat social the same way. There are a few etiquette tips to help you share content on your social platforms:

  • Have a consistent voice & tone
  • Post the same time everyday
  • Use engaging content
    • High resolution images & include your business logo when possible
    • Use short, catchy phrases
    • Include 1 – 2 hashtags appropriate to the post
    • Informative posts such as, “We’re closed for weather today,” or “Someone left their dog out in the campground,” aren’t meant for your Page. Those posts belong in groups
  • Have one (1) person assigned to making posts.
    This goes along having the same voice & tone.

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Create a Weekly Series

When your fans can expect good content of a series, they’re more likely to develop a stronger rapport with your brand. A few examples of a series might include:


This is a post you’d make every Monday, using this hashtag and including an image with something motivational directed towards your fans

  • The history of the Amazing Event we Host Every Year

If your DZ hosts an annual event, and your goal is to generate more fun jumpers to attend, create 3 blog posts to share a month, for 3 months prior to the event (or more if it’s a long-running event) and share on your social sites.

Outside of the blog posts, share an image from the previous year (with that event’s logo and year included on image) each week a month or so prior to the event with a story that goes along with that image.

  • Tandem / Student Images

Be sure to include the heart of your business, tandems & students! Share images that capture the emotion of the jump with a catchy phrase, quote or something that student actually said!

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Have a Budget & Spend it!

It may be annoying to some people that it costs to push your posts in front of audiences, but if you think about it, it is ten times more affordable than prime time TV or radio ads! This system also allowed for start-up companies to build their businesses with little to no money!

Use Facebook Live

Facebook announced that the organic reach has plummeted 52%! This is so because Facebook discovered the trends of its users engaging more with video than any other media posts. Facebook unveiled that it’s new Live app is being pushed more organically, therefore reaching a larger audience! This is a great way to generate more traffic and business!

Just as in skydiving, we encourage coaching to help people improve more efficiently. There is an upfront cost, but you learn exponentially quicker, hence saving more money in the long run. Dropzone Marketing offers several ways to coach you as well.

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