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Melissa Lowe Book

Melissa Nelson Lowe’s Second Book

Writing a book is like skydiving; the only way to understand the experience is to actually do it. As any author can attest, putting one’s thoughts onto paper for the world to digest is intimidating and challenging. So, big props to Melissa Nelson Lowe on the launch of her second book, Charlie Bravo – Descent Into Darkness and Danger

Book Synopsis

Charlie Bravo takes a twist to the darker realities of government conspiracies, snitches, and failed skydiving world record attempts. Roger Nelson has to find a way out of Continuing Criminal Enterprises charges and tax fraud that lingers a life-long prison sentence over his head.

To purchase click here: Charlie Bravo on
To purchase Sugar Alpha, you can purchase it here!

DropZone Marketing Conference 2018 | February 6-7


Dropzone Marketing’s established clientele are experiencing healthy numbers (with several having record years) despite being the highest-priced DZs in their respective marketplaces. After years of testing, we’ve put together a recipe for marketing that produces results for operators of all sizes from single Cessna DZs to multi-turbine operations.

If you’re interested in taking your DZ Marketing to the next level, join us in Charlotte, North Carolina for two full days of marketing insights. We guarantee you’ll leave with a clear understanding of how to successfully market your DZ in the digital world. CONFERENCE INFORMATION & REGISTRATION 
Eventbrite - 2018 DZ Marketing Conference


Burble Manifest Software


DropZone Marketing To Bring Buyers and Sellers Together

Interested in buying a dropzone? Interested in selling your DZ? If you fall into one of these categories – contact us!

We have identified a pain point in the industry which we want to solve – pairing buyers and sellers together privately. We’ve had several clients who’ve expressed the interest to sell their DZ’s but don’t wish to put it out there on for a variety of reasons.

If you’re looking to buy or sell… we’d like to speak with you!


Gail Menasco Takes the TED Stage

We have some super-talented people at DropZone Marketing and Gail is surely one of them! Gail is one of our SEO account managers – you may recognize her as she spent time in the sport and at one time worked for Infinity Rigs. She’s a fantastic speaker and an ace SEO!

James La Barrie Visits the Golden Knights and Zappos 

On August 28th, James La Barrie had the honor of making a presentation to the Golden Knights at their headquarters at Fort Bragg, NC for their quarterly safety meeting. La Barrie’s topic was about public relations and managing the media during a crisis.

On September 14th, I (James) flew to Las Vegas to attend an ‘Evening with Simon Sinek and Tony Hsieh.’ This was an honor for me as these two men are my business heroes. Tony Hsieh’s vision for Zappos in his book ‘Deliving Happiness’ profoundly changed the way I viewed business management. Sinek’s message in ‘Start With Why’ and ‘Leaders Eat Last’ cemented my own belief and challenges me in how I run my own business and consult with other business operators. It was a night I won’t soon forget.


Sun Path Products

This blog is brought to you by Sun Path Products.


DropZone Marketing Launches Three New Websites

DropZone Marketing had the privilege to work with three great DZs on their websites – Skydive Ramblers in Toogalawah, AustraliaSkydive San Marcos in Fentress, Texas and a new design for Wisconsin Skydiving Center, in Fort Atkinson. Each of these sites were launched during the beginning of August and we’re very pleased with the way they turned out! If we can provide a quote for your DZ’s website, please contact us directly.

About James La Barrie

James La Barrie is passionate about marketing and changing a company's service culture. Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, James melds his approach of marketing and delivering elite service together as one. James has injected his 'service marketing' approach throughout his career to transform companies from good to great.

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