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INDUSTRY NEWS – This Week In Skydiving – 9/28-10/04

Liquid Sky Sports Gathers Aid for Puerto Rico

October 2nd, 2017

Julio Ruiz, owner of Liquid Sky and a native of Puerto Rico, had a mission – he wanted to help his family and the small communities that were left in ruins after Hurricane Maria devastated the islands. In short order, Julio, his wife and several friends gathered hundreds of pounds of supplies and with the influx of help, created an outlet for others to join in to help.

Jumpers from the community donated money and supplies, drop zones donated supplies and the use of their planes, and more. Julio was set off to send the supplies on his Delta flight to Puerto Rico last week, and hoped they would allow his 35 bins of supplies to be checked. To his surprise, Delta Airlines did so, and didn’t even charge!

To learn more or to help those in need, please check out the Facebook Page, US for Puerto Rico.


USPA 2017 National Skydiving Championships Crowns New Champions

October 1st, 2017

22218675_1870394406433231_6806777112019960994_oAn incredible two weeks of competition wrapped up at Skydive Perris this week. The Conatser family was excited to bring back the Nationals after a 12 year hiatus. This event hosted disciplines for 4/8/10/16-Way FS, 4-Way VFS, 2-Way MFS, Wingsuiting, Freefly and Freestyle. This year’s event was an “on-year” where teams were selected to represent the United States at the next World Parachuting Championships in Australia 2018. This brought out an impressive number of teams in several disciplines to battle it out for the top spots.

For a full recap of the event, check out Skydive Mag, and for scores, check out OmniSkore.


SunPath Products - Maker of the Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Rig

iFly Arbitration Continues

September 29th, 2017



SkyVenture International, Ltd. today announced that it initiated an arbitration in Texas before the American Arbitration Association to remedy material contractual breaches by ASX-listed Indoor Skydive Australia Group Limited and its affiliates (“ISAG”). Pursuant to the parties’ agreements, the proceedings will be held in Austin, Texas.

The article states, “SkyVenture’s claims are based on license agreements is ISAG that authorize it to operate SkyVenture’s vertical wind tunnels in Penrith, Perth and the Gold Coast, while restricting ISAG from directly or indirectly acquiring VWT’s from suppliers other than SkyVenture.”

Source | Media Net, An AAP Business


Stolen Skydiving Gear from ChutingStar

From ChutingStar Facebook Page September 28th, 2017

Unfortunately a new pattern of fraud hit us in July and August, and we have lost 4 new AADs and 1 new reserve canopy to people using fraudulent or stolen credit cards to purchase from ChutingStar. Please distribute this list of serial numbers and info to your local drop zones, riggers and rigging lofts in hopes some or all of these items will show up and can returned to us.

Vigil Cuatro 1-pin SN 52165, Delivered July 3 to 42 Collins Loop Lane, Woodville MS 39669-3760

CYPRES Expert 1-pin SN E3671, Delivered July 19 to 103 Jackson St, Lawrence MA 01841

Vigil Cuatro 1-pin SN 52669, Delivered August 2 to 8515 Mount Ranier Dr, El Paso, Texas, 79904

Vigil Cuatro 1-pin SN 52890, Delivered August 10 to 2107 Hilton Head, Round Rock, Texas, 78664

Icarus Reserve 189, Red, SN 51C13719 DOM July 2017, Delivered August 16 to 22 Boake St, North York, Ontario, M3J0B6, Canada.

And definitely a reward for anyone who gets any of these items back to us. Being hit by fraud/theft for just one of these items is a hardship for this small family business, but to have 5 large items be stolen will take an unknown time to overcome in this ultra low-margin business we are in because of our love for the sport and all of those involved in skydiving. Our 9 employees rely on us for providing secure jobs, and reducing or eliminating theft is definitely critical to keeping the doors open for them, our customers as well as our family. Thank you for your support.


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USPA Announces a Dire Call To Action to Members

October 3rd, 2017

This year, the United States Parachute Association has been the voice for skydivers and skydiving operations, along with 170 other general aviation (GA) organizations to oppose the bill – HR 2997 – to privatize the FAA’s air traffic control function. The bill has been delayed throughout the summer, but now the House is set to vote next week.

The bill effects several aspects to skydivers and operators stated in USPA’s latest email:

* The airlines and large airports will gain control of the new ATC board, outweighing GA and skydiving interests
* FAA’s current “first-come, first-serve” ATC policy will be eliminated, degrading service to skydive operators
* Decision affecting airspace and ATC procedures will favor airline efficiency and penalize skydiving operational airspace needs
* Drop zones could lose airspace
* Skydive operators will incur higher costs due to increased flight times; jump tickets will increase

USPA added a dire call-to-action to its members stating:

1. Dial toll free: 833-GAVOICE (833-428-6423), weekdays from 9-5 Eastern
2. You will be asked to input your zip code then transferred to your representative’s office
3. Say: “I am opposed to ATC privatization, and my Representative should vote ‘no’ on HR 2997

For more information, visit:

Tania Villegas Becomes First Mexican Woman to Earn Rigger’s Ticket

October 1st, 2017

Image from Parachutist

Image from Parachutist

As reported by Nancy LaRiviere in this month’s Parachutist, Tania completed her Rigger’s course, becoming the first female in Mexico to earn her Rigger’s ticket. She was inspired to learn more about her equipment from her skydiving coach, Alfonso Rojas. She completed her course this past summer at Parachute Rigging Institute in DeLand, Florida.






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