This Week in Skydiving 10/23-10/28

4-Way Team Hayabusa Wins Gold at FAI Indoor Skydiving Championships

iFLY Coming to Ohio

Road Map showing Butler CountyThere’s been much speculation as to where in Ohio iFly would be constructing its new tunnel – that answer is Butler County, just north of Cincinnati. iFLY plans to construct a 5,175-square-foot building at the New Liberty Center just off of I-75. Indoor Skydiving Source also published that Start Skydiving would be constructing a wind tunnel on their DZ this year also. No public news has been made as to who the manufacturer of that tunnel would be and when construction may begin.

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Vertical Suits Now Offers Financing


As of two months ago, Vertical Suits has partnered with Blispay to offer special financing. Customers of Vertical Suits can now finance their purchases of over $199 at no interest if the balance is paid within 6 months.

Says Sandra Dussault of Vertical Suits: “When we started years ago, we used to receive requests all the time from people wishing to place their orders and pay later. We understood the reasoning and actually offered it, but there were some unexpected headaches and we discontinued it.

We’ve always wanted to offer financing as there’s a demand for it. We’re pleased to now offer a more flexible solution for our customers.”

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Results from the 2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships 

Source: FAI

Formation Skydiving 4-Way, Open

4-Way Team Hayabusa Wins Gold at FAI Indoor Skydiving Championships

Formation Skydiving 4-Way, Open gold medal winners Belgium. Photo by Marcus King












1. Belgium, 327

2. France, 320

3. USA, 302


Formation Skydiving 4-Way, Female

The All Female 4-Way FAI Indoor Skydiving Champions 2017

Formation Skydiving 4-Way, Female gold medal winners France. Photo by Marcus King












1. France, 298
2. UK, 248
3. Czech Republic, 225


Formation Skydiving 4-Way, Juniors

The Junior Champions for 4-way at the FAI Indoor Skydiving World Championships

Photo by Marcus King












1. France, 230
2. Canada, 208
3. Czech Republic, 181


Indoor Freestyle, Junior

Indoor Freestyle, Junior gold medal winner Kyrah Poh, Singapore

Indoor Freestyle, Junior gold medal winner Kyrah Poh, Singapore. Photo by Marcus King












1. Kyrah Poh, Singapore, 64.1
2. Kaleigh Wittenburg, USA, 63.2
3. Andrzej Soltyk, Poland, 62.5


Indoor Freestyle, Open

Indoor Freestyle, Open gold medal winner Leonid Volkov, Russia

Indoor Freestyle, Open gold medal winner Leonid Volkov, Russia












1. Leonid Volkov, Russia, 64.9
2. Maja Kuczynska, Poland, 62.7
3. Jakub Harrer, Czech Republic, 61.8


Vertical Formation Skydiving, Open

Vertical Formation Skydiving, Open gold medal winners France

Vertical Formation Skydiving, Open gold medal winners: France. Photo by Marcus King












1. France, 315
2. USA, 309
3. Poland, 245


Dynamic 2-Way

Dynamic 2-Way gold medal winners Poland

Dynamic 2-Way gold medal winners Poland. Photo by Marcus King












1. Poland
2. Singapore
3. France


Dynamic 4-Way

Dynamic 4-Way gold medal winners France

Dynamic 4-Way gold medal winners France. Photo by Marcus King












1. France
2. Czech Republic
3. Switzerland


Medals Table
France: 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Poland: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Singapore: 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Belgium: 1 Gold
Russia: 1 Gold
USA: 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
Czech Republic: 1 Silver, 3 Bronze
Canada: 1 Silver
UK: 1 Silver
Switzerland: 1 Bronze

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More information
Competition website:
Livestream video archive:
High resolution rights-free photographs are available for download and editorial use via the FAI’s Flickr site


Felix Baumgartner Interview by Forbes 67px-Red_Bull_Stratos_logo.svg

Felix Baumgartner hasn’t given too many interviews since the Red Bull Stratos Project five years ago. He did a quick interview with Forbes Magazine this past week.

Click Here to read the entire interview from with Felix Baumgartner in Forbes  


First Jumper from the New River Gorge Bridge Passes Away

Burton Ervin, the first man to ever jump off of the New River Gorge Bridge, died last Thursday evening — less than two days before the world-famous annual event, Bridge Day, that he helped found took place.

Ervin, an Army veteran, made that first jump on Aug. 17, 1979.

To read the complete story from the Register Herald, Click Here.

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