This Week In Skydiving 11/5 – 11/10, 2017

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New Developments With Start Skydiving Tunnel

With the recent announcement of a new iFly tunnel coming to the Cincinnati area, many people have been wondering whether a tunnel would still be built in Middletown, Ohio at the Start Skydiving dropzone. The answer appears to be yes.

According to the Journal News, local authorities have approved the request to increase the height of the tunnel from 120′ to 180′ which would make it the tallest tunnel in North America. This would still need to be approved by the FAA.

Within the article, Start Skydiving’s owner John Hart is quoted as saying that he’s working to procure military and commercial contracts and also shared that $8.5 million in parts to build the wind tunnel are already in crates waiting to be shipped from Dubai to Middletown.

Many have wondered who the manufacturer would be for the tunnel – based on the specs of a 17′ diameter and a single-loop design and the location of the parts being based in Dubai, it would appear it would be the first tunnel for the manufacturer, Vertical based in Dubai.

Source: Journal News

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China Hosts World Fly-In Expo

If you’ve been wondering why many of your skydiver friends on Facebook have been in China this week, it’s because the country just hosted a massive aviation event known as the FAI-ASFC World Fly-In Expo in Wuhan, China. According to FAI’s website, more than 300,000 people attended the event which included several competitions such as the:

  • International Skydiving Championships
  • International Paramotor Invitational Championships
  • China International Hot Air Balloon Tournament

Also included in the festivities was a huge air show that included the involvement of more than 550 aircraft plus 200 aircraft on display. Peculiarly, a Guinness World Record attempt for 100 hot air balloon weddings also took place.

The next Expo is expected to take place in 2019 in Wuhan, China.

Source: FAI 

New Chinese National Record 45-Way

During the aforementioned World Fly-In Expo, a Chinese National Record 45-Way was built comprised of skydivers from all over the world. The formation was completed from an exit altitude of 11,000′ and the formation was a Chinese star.

200 Lucky Aussies Jump from a C-17A Globemaster

This week, 200 lucky Australian skydivers exited from a C-17A Globemaster aircraft and landed at the famous Skydive Ramblers in Toogoolawah, Australia (outside of Brisbane). Skydivers donated money to Legacy – an organization designed to support struggling families following the injury or death of a family member during their military service.

Earlier in the week, a C-17A Globemaster III transport aircraft delivered about 100 skydivers to RAAF Base Amberley in support of the Women in Adventure Sport initiative.

Source: Star

iFly Appoints New CEO

In accordance with its planned succession strategy, iFly’s Founder Alan Metni has stepped down from his current role as CEO to take the role as Executive Chairman of the Board. Metni’s replacement is Dave Kirchoff who has an impressive resumé having served as President and CEO of Weight Watchers from 2006 to 2013 and Snap Kitchen since 2015.

Source: Cision PR Newswire


Skydive The Beach (now Experience Co) Acquires GBR Helicopters

The incredible rise of Skydive The Beach (newly branded Experience Co) is set to purchase another adventure experience company – GBR Helicopters for a whopping $20 million. This announcement comes only one month after the company acquired the Far North helicopter company. Within the last year, the company purchased Raging Thunder and Reef Magic Cruises for $15 million for each company. The company is transitioning from the largest skydiving company in the world to the largest adventure experience company in the world.

Source: Cairns Post


Bear Grylls Theme Park Coming to England

The company responsible for Legoland, the London Eye and Madame Tussauds wax museums is planning to construct an adventure theme park based on the adventures of Bear Grylls. Merlin Entertainments is planning to build an 86,000-square-foot park in Birmingham, England which will offer indoor skydiving, “The highest free-roam high ropes course in Europe” and rock climbing. Shortly after the announcement had been made, it came to light that parts of the park may need to be closed following its opening because of the construction of a “people-mover” link with a nearby HS2 station (High Speed Two, is a high speed rail company). Parties are presently in talks.

Source: Coventry Observer

Dilys Price Receives Pride of Britain Award

If you attended the 2017 PIA Symposium in Chattanooga, TN or the 2017 BPA AGM, then you probably fell in love with 85-year old skydiver, Dilys Price. On October 30th, Price received the prestigious award for her charity work with the Touch Trust.


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