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There’s no doubt a lot is going on with Facebook recently. Over the years we’ve seen many changes such as, layout updates, the addition of emoji’s, etc. Since its invention, Facebook has never been stagnant. And for good reason. These changes keep Facebook interesting and keep people coming back to the platform. With each change, we too had to continue to evolve our marketing strategies. This is no different with the latest updates coming our way.

Founder, Mark Zuckerberg recently made a big announcement of the major changes coming to our newsfeeds in the next few months. Keeping with Facebook’s values they’ve stated the following updates:

  • Prioritize posts from friends & family over public content
  • Posts that don’t generate engagement will see biggest decrease of distribution
  • Demote engagement bait in order to reduce the spread of spammy, sensational or misleading content

Although some people are up in arms calling this the Facebook apocalypse, we remain rather positive with these changes. Why? Because if Facebook is continuing to evolve by staying interesting to keep people coming back, that still gives businesses the opportunity to reach them. The only thing is that you need to develop a new strategy to adhere to the guidelines to generate engagement, and future business.

Here are our top 6 strategies to help you survive this “apocalypse”:


Facebook has a “Following” feature built in for Pages, but not everyone is aware of it. Educate your guests to use this feature so they will be notified when you post to your Page. A few Drop Zones are taking advantage of this and this is one example of educating your followers:

Quality over Quantity

Since Facebook has said it will, “prioritize friends and family” in the newsfeed “over public content,” it does not mean you should post more. If you do, it will be like yelling, “door” in an empty otter.

Rather, focus on good photography, interesting and meaningful descriptions, and limiting posts to one to two times a day.

Engage the Audience 

Facebook basically says if your post is not interesting, then it will not show in the newsfeed. Let’s look at an example of ‘not interesting.’ Between the two posts, which do YOU find MORE interesting:







(If I were posting this, I’d have a photo from the DZ of a jumper in front of a pinged out windsock or hands on hips looking up at clouds OR even better: have a 10 second video clip instead of an image.)

Using “bad” and “closed” are the negative trigger words sparked in Post 1.  The second post invokes an emotion, and reaches a larger audience in a more positive and engaging way. You could also ask, ‘What did you do on the weather hold?’

Another part of engaging the audience is responding to comments, trying to spark a conversation between your followers. Facebook favors posts that garner engagement between followers – not a Page and a follower.

Native Video Content & Live Video

Here are a few staggering statistics from Word Stream about video:

  • Over 500 million people are watching video on Facebook everyday
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 59% faster than non-video users
  • Views on branded video content have increased 258% on Facebook
  • 46% of users act after viewing an ad

It is also known that people watch Live videos longer and are more apt to engage than a non-live video. We’re fortunate that in our sport that there is SO many interesting things to film! Here are a few ideas that you could simply film and post or go live with:

  • tandem students walking back from landing area
  • a condensed tandem video
  • experienced jumpers on the ground getting ready to jump
  • post raw footage of a rad jump (any discipline!)
  • walking around the DZ and give a tour

There are only a few DZ’s taking advantage of this such as Skydive Spaceland and Skydive Chicago.


Burble Software is a skydiving reservations and manifest solution.

DropZone Marketing proudly endorses Burble Software as the #1 manifest and reservations software in the world.

Utilizing Facebook Groups 

Facebook Groups are a great way to communicate and engage with your students, locals, and visitors. This IS the place for weather updates, event announcements, local places to stay, gear for sale, load organizer details, etc. When you utilize Groups, each person that’s joined the Group will get a notification – which essentially will help you reach more people.

Boosting Posts and Facebook Ads

Boosting and Ads are not new and still have the same power to reach your target audience. Yes, that means pay to play. I know some DZO’s, DZM’s & Marketers frown upon this. However, let’s put it into perspective:

How much does it cost for a radio ad? A full page ad in Parachutist? A billboard? Or a magazine/newspaper?

And do you know if YOUR demographic is even listening at that time or opening the ad you’ve created? It’s expensive and basically its hit-n-miss marketing. With Facebook Ads or Boosting a post, you can choose the audience – YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC – to see your content! That’s amazing and affordable! No more hit-n-miss!

Facebook Ads takes it to a whole other level with targeting YOUR email list, creating look-alike audiences, creating offers, and SO much more.


Just how skydiving centers reinvest their money into facility upgrades, equipment upgrades, aircraft maintenance, marketing, etc. to grow their businesses; Facebook is essentially doing the same thing. The question is, are you ready to update your digital marketing strategies?


Do you suggest to your students to get a mentor or coach? We do the same for marketing and strategy. Reach out to us if you have any questions!





Word Stream, Mary Lister. January 18th, 2018.





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