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James La Barrie, founder of Beyond MarketingHowdy Ya’ll!

Hello and welcome from our new digs on Main Street in Fort Mill, SC!! (we’ve come a long way since we started in my two car garage in 2013). It’s been a busy and exciting year of change at DropZone Marketing. Our office move is finally complete and we’re off to the races with many new projects including one of our own – the development of Beyond Marketing.

In 2013, my focus was to develop an agency for businesses in general. Fortunately, we gained a lot of traction within the skydiving niche and by 2015, we created a brand that honed in our primary audience – DropZone Marketing powered by Beyond Marketing. As our team grew, we poured all of our energies into developing the DZM brand and that continues today. However, in the back of my mind, I knew we would resume our efforts to build Beyond Marketing and that started this summer with the opening of our new agency office. The second step in that effort was realized last week with the launch of our new agency website – Please have a look around!

Below is a little video from our new office with our team. The soundtrack is being sung by our own Melissa Harper, our Web Design Project Manager. Melissa plays the guitar, piano, ukulele, and the accordian and is a member of a local band, Woodland.


So who are we, again?

We are both! DropZone Marketing continues to grow with some exciting and new projects with various manufacturers, influencers and drop zones. We’ll also be launching a new DropZone Marketing website in the new year as well as some new website designs for some well-known industry brands. Meanwhile Beyond Marketing is off and running working with local and national companies on their individual projects. We couldn’t be more excited!


Content To Help You Grow – Every 15th!

We have re-dedicated ourselves to a new content format designed to serve the industry and its athletes. Each month, beginning on October 15th, we will be spotlighting DZO’s, industry entrepreneurs, new product information and marketing insights to help you grow. If you’ve not yet signed up to receive our Industry Insights E-mail, we invite you to do so, here. We’re also excited to announce Performance Designs as the newest sponsor of our blog and the continued support of Burble Software. Thank you to these respected industry brands for supporting us and the content we produce!

See You In Dallas!

We are excited to be returning to the PIA Symposium in Dallas, TX from February 4th through the 8th. James and Marcella La Barrie,  as well as Melissa Nelson Lowe will all be presenting on various marketing and business development topics during the week of the conference! Our topics will be released on the 15th of October. We’ll also have a booth in Exhibition Hall! We invite you to join us!

Performance Designs

Client Spotlight – Skydive DeLand

Last month, we had the great pleasure to launch a beautiful new website for Skydive DeLand. We worked hand in hand with Mike and Christen Johnston to develop their online vision for the dropzone moving into the future. Please take a minute to have a look at their new website, here.

Deland Cover

Need a New Website for 2019? – SCHEDULE SOON! 

Amazingly, our website design project calendar is beginning to fill up! If you’re wishing to get a quote for a new website, please contact us! We have launch dates scheduled into January already! We’d love to work with you!

DZ Phone Support Underway!

Earlier this season, we launched a new service – DZ Phone Support and I’m proud to say it’s been going extremely well! If you’re unfamiliar about this service, you can read about it here. Whether you need phones covered one day a week or five, allow our team to help support your DZ! We are more than an answering service; we can make reservations for you as our team is comprised of skydivers who deliver strong customer service and the ability to answer detailed questions about the experience.

About James La Barrie

James La Barrie is passionate about marketing and changing a company's service culture. Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, James melds his approach of marketing and delivering elite service together as one. James has injected his 'service marketing' approach throughout his career to transform companies from good to great.

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