Skydive Cincinnati

Skydive Cincinnati

DropZone Marketing had the pleasure of working with Jaime Praeter of Skydive Cincinnati offering both marketing consulting and web development. We visited Skydive Cincinnati during the summer of 2014 and launched their current website in August of 2015.

Skydive Cincinnati is located in Waynesville, Ohio between Cincinnati and Dayton. Though this DZ has long been established, it has been challenged with strong competition from Start Skydiving and Skydive Ohio in Xenia. Our goal was to support Skydive Cincinnati with a strong brand that was polished and professional.

It has been an honor to work with Jaime Praeter as her family is deeply rooted in the skydiving industry having run Skydive Richmond and the famous Richmond Boogie for many years.

Location: Waynesville, Ohio


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