Velocity Sports Equipment

Velocity Sports Equipment

During the 2015 PIA Symposium, we met with Nicole Fulk of Velocity Sports Equipment to discuss building a new website for their company. Their site was outdated due to design changes, Google algorithm updates and requirements for mobile friendliness. We were charged with creating a new website that met the following requirements:

1. Showcase their product - the Infinity Rig

2. Ensure the user experience was vibrant, more photo-centric (versus text heavy) and easy to navigate.

3. Be optimized for search engine optimization.

4. Be mobile friendly for any device.

From concept to completion, the website took about six weeks to develop and officially launched on August 21, 2015. Working with Nicole and VSE was consistent with what their customers say about their product - easy.

We are very pleased with the end result and hope to work with VSE again!

Location: Sunriver, OR


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