DropZone Consulting

Onsite Consulting Visit

An onsite visit by James La Barrie consists of two full days at your DZ and will result in clarity of how to improve your current marketing effort and what you need to focus on moving forward.

What You Can Expect

SEO Digital Audit - Included in a site visit is a comprehensive SEO digital audit. This 20 page report highlights your website's performance versus your competition and identifies weaknesses and areas that will need improvement. The data is invaluable as it identifies a clear roadmap of what is needed to improve your search engine results.

Discussion - James La Barrie will meet with DZ Ownership and management to discuss current marketing challenges, frustrations and competitive threats. Discussion will include current marketing and advertising practices and will identify ways to improve them.

Observation - During a site visit, James will observe the normal flow of operations observing 'through the eyes of the customer.' La Barrie will interact with staff, customers and will grade all 20+ customer points of interaction with the business. James will also identify all current revenue streams and identify if any can be improved or implemented.

90 Minute Staff Meeting - James will meet with DZ personnel for a 90 minute staff meeting giving an inspirational talk on customer service and teaches about word of mouth marketing. If you are constantly preaching to your staff to improve their service... this session is invaluable. This meeting is interactive and will build your team up and will illustrate the importance of their role in the lives of their students far beyond just "throwing drogues."

Feedback - On the final day, James will prepare a detailed 15-20 page SWOT analysis for the entire operation. Highlights will include feedback on:

  • current marketing practices and how to improve them
  • the development of a comprehensive marketing plan
  • development of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) campaigns
  • a customer interaction scorecard with a grade of all customer touch points
  • identifying next steps to beat your competition
  • 2 one hour follow up calls to assist with marketing execution

Example of a Typical Site Visit


  • Arrive late morning / midday
  • Two hour meeting with ownership & management


  • DZ Observation "Through the eyes of the customer."
  • Create Customer Point of Interaction Scorecard
  • 90 Minute Staff Meeting after jumping


  • Morning used for SWOT analysis creation
  • Final meeting with DZO reviewing SWOT analysis and SEO audit
  • Late afternoon departure


A two day site visit is $1500 ($750 per day) plus all travel, accommodation and food expenses.

Not only was your presentation spot on, but your real life experience and real time knowledge of dealing with a crisis situation have helped our newer team members and, even the more seasoned members such as myself... thank you for your professionalism, knowledge, and real world experience to help educate the team with an outside perspective to help us grow!

» Sergeant First Class, Noah Watts, US Army Golden Knights | Read More