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DropZone Marketing Founder James La Barrie is a dynamic speaker who frequently leads workshops and seminars for the skydiving industry. Workshops range in length from 45 minutes to full day, and can be customized to meet the specific needs or interests of your organization.

Skydiving Associations

James La Barrie is a regular contributor of keynote presentations and workshops for the Australian Parachute Federation (APF), British Parachute Association (BPA), US Parachute Association (USPA) and Parachute Industry Association (PIA).

Workshop topics have included:

  • DZ Startup: Marketing Essentials To Get Off The Ground

  • PR Essentials: Handling the Media During a Crisis

  • DZ Marketing: Where To Spend Your Marketing Dollars

  • Lessons from CarolinaFest: How To Build a World Class Boogie

  • As The Prop Turns: How To Improve DZ Culture

  • Going Viral: Spreading Word of Mouth

  • How To Monetize Social Media

  • Case Studies: DropZones Doing Business Differently

  • DZ Marketing: Using Storytelling to Build Your Brand

  • 5 Skydiving Brands Killing It And What We Can Learn From Them

  • The Most Important Tools in the Marketing Toolbox

Drop Zones

James La Barrie has visited DZ's all over the USA and Australia offering 90-minute motivational workshops for DZ staff focused on the following topics:

  • Empowering Lives As Instructors

  • We Don't 'Have To', 'We Get To'

  • The Power of Word of Mouth

  • The Secret to Building a Successful Business

Mastermind Workshops

Once a year, DropZone Marketing hosts a Marketing Mastermind workshop taking DZ managers and marketers through the process of creating a marketing plan for their DZ's. The information shared is insightful and will set DZ's up for success by learning where to spend their marketing dollars and how to execute a marketing plan that makes sense.

Our next Mastermind will be hosted in February of 2017.

What People Are Saying

"Even though I was the daughter of a man (Roger Nelson) who pioneered how we perceive skydiving from the 'tent-and-trailer' to the 'resort-like' facilities, I know times have changed and there's always room to learn. With the encouragement of my husband, I recently attended James La Barrie's, "DZ Marketing Mastermind" seminar and was simply - amazed!"

- Melissa Nelson Lowe

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Examples for Workshops

Workshops Clients

As the organizer for the Midwest Skydivers Reunion, the single biggest and best decision I made was to hire James LaBarrie as the organizing consultant for the event. He came highly recommended and even though I had no knowledge of his background, after talking with him I could tell he had extensive experience in organizing events of this type.

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