Skydive Ratings

#1 Rated School For Advanced Skydiving Qualifications

James was highly recommended to us by a good friend and when the time was there that we needed a new web-site, James was the first person we thought about. A web-site is the public face of your business and we wanted to make sure we would put it in the best hands possible.

Working with James has been (and still is) an absolute pleasure. Especially after he invited us to his Mastermind Seminar during this year’s PIA, we got to know each other better and we knew right away, that we could not have found a better person to work on our web-site. James went out of his way to get to know us personally, so he would better understand what our business needs are and how to let our personalities shine through the site.

His input on how to present ourselves was fresh, eye opening and very professional. James amazed us in a lot of ways. His communication, follow up after I had questions, creativity , his visions – truly wonderful!

If you are looking for a true professional then look no further and contact James La Barrie and he will AMAZE you!

Thanks for a great job James!

—Skydive Ratings