Skydive Algarve

Skydive Algarve

In the winter of 2017, Director of Marketing Alethia Austin reached out to us with a major project: develop the websites for Skydive Hibladstow, Skydive Algarve and Skydive Spain.

Not only were they needing the sites to be done by the beginning of 2018, but the Skydive Algarve site needed to have three languages - English, Portuguese and German. No small feat when considering the need for accurate one-to-one translations (thus ruling out an auto-translate plug-in). The Skydive Algarve site was the largest dropzone website we've developed to date as everything was done in triplicate, manually from layouts to meta-titles and descriptions!

The project involved six different DropZone Marketing team members working on the site throughout the project to have it ready in time for launch.

The Swallow Group were so pleased with our work, we later contracted to develop their Maybe Sailing website.

Location: Alvor, Portugal