DZO Brain Trust

An Exclusive Mastermind for DZO's and DZM's

DZO Brain Trust

What Is It?

The DZ Brain Trust is a mastermind group designed specifically for owners and managers of skydiving dropzones (DZO’s and DZM’s). Under the facilitation of James La Barrie, this group promises a unique platform for collaborative growth and learning, ensuring no direct competitors are included.


During COVID, as challenges mounted, James La Barrie facilitated virtual meetings to bring everyone together to share information on how to overcome challenges presented by the pandemic. As we navigated the pandemic together, a sense of camaraderie and shared understanding emerged. Since then, a few clients have commented how much they enjoyed those sessions and wished it had continued. This inspired the creation of the DZ Brain Trust, a permanent community aimed at fostering mutual support and collaboration among skydiving business leaders.

What is the Cost? 

  • Monthly: $125 per dropzone (up to two attendees per session).
  • Annual Prepayment Discount: $99 per month.


Will this mastermind program be organized and professional?

Yes, my goal is to bring value to all attendees. Each meeting will have an agenda divided between a primary topic, Q&A, open conversations, and input for desired future topics to be addressed. Members of the industry will be invited to speak on topics concerning operators today.

Can any person or dropzone be a member of this group?

Membership is open to dropzones in non-compete markets. This means that dropzones in the same major market or within 150 miles of each other typically cannot join unless special circumstances and agreements are made between both parties.

Do current clients of Beyond Marketing have any priority in joining?

Yes, current clients of Beyond Marketing will receive the first right of refusal for membership in their respective markets.

What behavioral expectations are set for members?

Courtesy and professionalism are fundamental. Members who do not adhere to these standards and exhibit contrary behavior will be asked to leave the group.

Where will the meetings take place?

All meetings will take place on Zoom.

Is there a confidentiality agreement involved?

Yes, participants are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) regarding the information shared by other members. This is to ensure a trusting environment where members can freely share valuable insights.

When are invoices due and what forms of payment are accepted?

Payment is due by the 15th of each month and can be paid via credit cared, Quickbook payments or by check. If you are a client of Beyond Marketing, this can be added to your monthly invoice.

What is the refund policy?

Once payment is received, no refunds will be issued.

What if I am unable to attend a meeting, will I still be charged?

As you are holding a reserved seat in this program, all participants will be charged monthly. All meetings will be recorded via Zoom and delivered electronically.

What if I'm unhappy and wish to discontinue being part of this group?

If wishing to discontinue, please e-mail two weeks before the next meeting to avoid being charged (if paying month to month).

What if I own two dropzones? Do I have to pay twice?

No, access to this group is a one-time payment.


    We will be reading one business book per quarter.
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