Offering A Fresh Perspective

Connect. Learn. Grow.

In our industry we dish out a whole lot of inspiration, but we often forget to take some for ourselves. Burnout: it’s so last season. This year, we invite you to lean in with us for a heaping helping of fresh perspectives, food for thought, motivation and straight-up inspiration.

Our founder, James La Barrie, has been a member of the skydiving community for more than 15 years. Before establishing DropZone Marketing, he grew a small skydiving dropzone into a multi-million dollar operation using plain and simple customer service, tried and true attention to detail, cost-efficient initiatives and cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. And he’s helped others worldwide accomplish the same.

He’s walked miles in your shoes, and he has the event t-shirts to prove it.

James is internationally renowned for hosting relevant and engaging professional development experiences in a variety of settings – from our industry’s biggest gatherings to dropzones across the map.

Workshops range in duration from 45 minutes to a full day and cater to audiences of all sizes.  Choose from a menu of popular workshop topics or connect with us to develop a session that meets the specific needs of your company.