What Our Clients Have To Say

We believe in the power of word of mouth marketing.

We’ve helped dropzones and manufacturers of all sizes grow and steer their skydiving businesses. We’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished with our clients, and we’re honored to share their testimonials and reviews with you!

Andy Beck, Oklahoma Skydiving Center

James and Melissa are an absolute pleasure to work with! I was trying to decide between a few different companies to help with my marketing efforts when I first visited with James. He immediately gave me the info to make a decision, and I haven’t looked back since! We are experiencing our best season ever, and with our new website Melissa created with her team our customers are happier than ever! If you’re looking for a high-quality company to partner with you have found them! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results we have achieved together!!

Jorge Alonso, Wicked Wingsuits

y company was in need of a complete digital overhaul, and I knew that we'd be hiring Beyond Marketing to re-design our website as well as optimize the site for SEO. While I knew they did good work (we LOVE our new website), they completely exceeded my expectations by their process.

Melissa, the Web Design Project Manager, did a great job in listening to our needs and the pain points for our customers as it related to the user experience on our prior site. Melissa's attention to detail is second to none and the collaboration with their designer and SEO team has given us the result we hoped for. My only wish is we would have hired Beyond Marketing a few years ago. BM is now managing our social media and developing content for our blog (which has been excellent).

We're extremely happy and I give my full endorsement for an agency that's passionate about their clients.

Crystal Johnston, Skydive Deland

Working with Melissa on our new website was such a great experience! I feel like she listened to our wants and needs and took pride in completing our project. Melissa over-delivered and we're thrilled with the results. I would recommend Beyond Marketing to anyone looking to improve their online presence and image.

Afrika Mucha, Eugene Skydivers

Thank you Beyond Marketing for bringing our website into this era! It was a pleasure working with you all! We are so happy with our website and appreciate all your support after we launched the website. Your crew is wonderful and I give you all extra kudos on a good job communicating.

Tom Fowler, Butler Parachute Systems

I was confident I picked the right company to do our website long before the website went live. James and Melissa showed incredible professionalism from the start. It was obvious they really know what their doing when it comes to building websites. Melissa was easy and enjoyable to work with while she guided me through the entire project. I never would have been able to get the content done without her expertise and she handled all the build-tasks with no delays. The final product is an amazing website that was fun to complete.

Shannon Pilcher, PD Factory Team / Flight-1

I needed a website. More than that, I needed a hub for all of my then-unrealized, online business ventures. James, Melissa and their team at Beyond Marketing were able to listen beyond my words and make sense out of my feelings and my vision. Over the course of a year, despite my roller-coaster lifestyle and its erratic schedule, Beyond Marketing gracefully and patiently worked with me to produce a website that makes me proud.

To me, Beyond Marketing differentiates itself from its competitors in three notable ways: a) It listens for understanding, holding its customers accountable to their inner voices, resulting in a product that goes far beyond the expected results, b) It honors the business arrangement with a level of commitment and devotion that cannot be bought, and c) It helps its customers conceive of and prepare for the launch of their new site, service or campaign by using its vast experience and knowledge to open doors that otherwise would have remained closed.

If you ever find yourself considering how you might grow your brand or visibility, look no further than Beyond Marketing. It has the ears, eyes, heart and mind to help you promote your true self, so that you can feel good about the value you can bring to the world.

Jake Strain, Skydive St. Louis

James La Barrie and his excellent staff are the real deal. They are bringing our brand new start-up business up to speed faster than I could have expected. James is extremely knowledgeable in the field and legitimately enjoys working with businesses and seeing them succeed. I am convinced I will be a customer for life. Thanks for all that you do.

Whitney Payne, Skydive Orange

James and his team are absolutely incredible! It's amazing how much their marketing has driven our skydiving facility to the top organization in Virginia! James goes above and way beyond what wold be typically expected from a marketing consultant. I highly recommend Beyond Marketing for any of your marketing needs!

Ryan Levesque, Skydive Carolina

I have known the owners of DropZone Marketing for years; they are compassionate, caring, and truly invested in their craft. It has been amazing to see this company grow from the ground up, with the number one attribute being the culture that they created within their organization. There is no doubt that James has empowered his crew to take ownership of their results and it shows in their success. If you want a company that will listen to your needs, formulate a plan for your success and then track that success this is the company for you!

Jeanice Dolan, Skydive Ocean City

I cannot speak highly enough of James and the Beyond Marketing team. James' listening skills are probably his greatest asset. It gives him the uncanny ability to really place himself in my shoes and understand every nuance and nook and cranny of my business environment. Imagine a car salesman trying to sell a computer. Or worse, imagine the same car salesman trying to sell you computer accessories and software you don't need! As business owners and managers, we all have many choices with marketing services. Why not choose a firm that goes above and beyond to understand your product or service, your market and your industry? And one that will never suggest you sign up for services you simply don't need for their own profit margins. The only suggestion I have for James and his team is that they re-name the company to Beyond Amazing. ;) You won't be disappointed. Promise!

Melanie Nipper, Skydive North Florida

As a skydiving business owner, I only have praise for James Le Barrie and his extremely innovative team. From web design, logo design, web hosting, SEO, google analytics, personal site visits, new season strategies, to good old fashion honest advice - the team have been amazing. They know the skydiving industry; they know our target market and WILL increase your business. He also has a very professional policy of not working with your competitors. Grab his services before they do or you will regret it!

Sergeant First Class, Noah Watts, US Army Golden Knights

It was an absolute pleasure to have you come out and share your presentation on managing the media during a crisis with the team! As a Golden Knight, we pride ourselves on being "subject matter experts". As a team, we can't maintain such a reputation without seeking out experts to learn from in this ever evolving sport.

Not only was your presentation spot on, but your real life experience and real time knowledge of dealing with a crisis situation have helped our newer team members and, even the more seasoned members such as myself.

As our sport gets safer and grows in popularity, there will be people who seek the ultimate thrill. As much as we try to make things safer, there will be those who get hurt or worse. In order for any organization to grow, they have to adapt to constant change. With change comes the need for education. With your tried and tested techniques of dealing with the media during crisis situations, I feel confident that should the situation arise, we as individuals will come together as a team to handle it.

James, thank you for your professionalism, knowledge, and real world experience to help educate the team with an outside perspective to help us grow!

Respectfully, Sergeant First Class Noah Watts D-28514 S&TA and Training Examiner with the US Army Golden Knights

Rob Libeau, Australian Parachute Federation

The Australian Parachute Federation was introduced to James by one of our members who saw one of his presentations overseas. Since that introduction, James has been integral to the strategies we are implementing to support the growth of our drop zones.

James and the Beyond Marketing Team quickly assessed the needs and trends of the Australian landscape and has helped to develop and deliver solid marketing strategies to APF organisations.

James has also been to the Australian Symposium on several occasions and delivered Keynote Speeches that have been thoroughly enjoyed and completely engaged by our members.

The APF continues to appreciate our relationship with James and Beyond Marketing and absolutely recommends that if you are running a DZ, then you need a sit - down with James.

Andy Simmons, San Jose Skydiving Center

I would like to thank you... While I felt that I was prepared to start an aviation based business and accept all of the heavy costs and challenges of dealing with large government agencies, I was not well prepared to handle all of the intricacies associated with actually getting customers into my storefront.

After reading numerous articles written by the Beyond Marketing team I was privileged enough to hear James La Barrie speak at a small personalized venue in New York. The concepts in Beyond Marketing's articles and the passion expressed in James's presentation truly resonated with me and seamlessly coincided with the vision that I had for my business. When I contacted James and began working with the Beyond Marketing team I realized two very important facts. I first noticed that the marketing world is complex and ever-changing and unless marketing is your field of expertise you will find yourself struggling to stay up to date with the effective trends.

I also noticed that I simply did not have enough hours in the day to cover all of the daily operations and still have time to market to new customers. I cannot imagine trying to do this without the Beyond Marketing team!

I would like to say thank you for taking this huge burden off of my shoulders. You have continually educated me along the way and helped me ask myself the right questions about how to proceed efficiently.

Your team has helped my business achieve what feels like an overnight success. With your help, on our second full month of being in business, we were able to turn a profit in April. Out of the red and into the black in two months, I am amazed!

I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our businesses.
Thanks again, -Andrew L. Simmons Owner of The San Jose Skydiving Center

Melissa Nelson Lowe

Even though I was the daughter of a man (Roger Nelson) who pioneered how we perceive skydiving from the 'tent-and-trailer' to the 'resort-like' facilities, I know times have changed and there's always room to learn. With the encouragement of my husband, I recently attended James La Barrie's, "DZ Marketing Mastermind" seminar and was simply - amazed!

From the moment I signed up, James personally made sure that I had my accommodations squared away and offered himself to help if I needed anymore logistical help with my trip. He also provided plenty of information beforehand including hotel information, directions, parking information and food.

James gave an engaging presentation in a comfortable conference room conveniently located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The information is designed to help Drop Zone Owners see the current marketing trends and how to create an attractive culture for their businesses to grow. Not only was his seminar impressive, he followed up with us to see how we were moving forward with the new information. James also is a wealth of information and freely gives tips in his blog.

As a long time professional skydiver, I am so happy to see someone spreading this kind of information to drop zones to re-think strategy in an era where skydiving is experiencing so many changes with social media and skydiving as a sport becoming more established.

If you are a Drop Zone Owner or Manager or Marketer, this seminar is worth every dollar! Be prepared to be amazed!