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Our Story

Like so many in the skydiving industry, our journey has been fueled by passion and persistence. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

James La Barrie, founder of Beyond Marketing

Our founder, James La Barrie, is originally from Antigua, a small Caribbean island that has long relied on tourism to drive its economy. He was born into a family of hoteliers and entrepreneurs who instilled priceless gold standards within him: service, hospitality, excellence.

An uncle introduced him to golf at age seven, and the discipline, introspection and grit – and, later, the scholarships and leadership opportunities – that came with the game served him well. James was head pro at a prestigious course and working toward his PGA Class A … and then he discovered skydiving.

Danny Smith, DZO of Skydive Carolina, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse – he’d teach James to skydive if James would teach him to play golf. As we all know, the skydiving bug doesn’t bite softly. In short order, his new love overshadowed his first and the inevitable career shift was underway.

As General Manager at Skydive Carolina, James steadfastly grew the operation by mixing cutting-edge marketing techniques with those old-school strategies he’d cut his teeth on. Over the course of his nine years, James elevated the DZ from a local treasure to a regionally-celebrated facility complete with hallmark events that continue to draw international crowds.

James’ commitment to consistent improvement led him to look outside of the industry for inspiration. His study of the world’s most successful businesses led him to Zappos, a Nevada-based online retailer famous for its employee-centric culture. The approach was intriguing; radical. He had to see it in action.

Three days immersed in the Zappos Insights program enabled James to witness the profound impact of a company’s culture on its customer base, reputation, employee satisfaction and retention, and, ultimately, the bottom line. Activating the power of internal as well as external marketing leads to unparalleled loyalty among employees and customers.

James left Vegas with a new sense of purpose, knowing what his next chapter held. He crafted a professional mission, vision and set of core values and in 2013 launched DropZone Marketing.


Today, DropZone Marketing is the only marketing agency dedicated to the skydiving industry.

Our clients span three continents and represent dropzones and discipline-specific businesses of all sizes – from start-ups and mom-and-pops to industry mainstays and household names. Our core team of six marketing gurus is complemented by an extensive network of content experts, professional writers and seasoned designers.

In short: we know marketing, we know skydiving, and we’re not messing around.

We’re ready to help you move your business forward. Thrive with us.