What Our Clients Have To Say

We believe in the power of word of mouth marketing.

We’ve helped dropzones and manufacturers of all sizes grow and steer their skydiving businesses. We’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished with our clients, and we’re honored to share their testimonials and reviews with you!

Greg Upper , Triangle Skydiving

WOW what an Amazing afternoon and evening we had with James La Barrie from Beyond Marketing ... We're officially working with James to improve our customer service so as not to just "Satisfy" our customers, but to "AMAZE" them......Our goal has always been to have great customer service, but I think James is going to help us take it to the next level.....Keep your eyes open for some improvements that we'll be making to our processes over the coming weeks and see if you're not as Impressed as I am......

If you need help Improving your business, give James a call...YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......:-)

Danny Smith, Skydive Carolina

James was our General Manager for nine years. With the marketing ideas he implemented, our revenues rose 15 to 25% annually. He brought fresh ideas on how to increase our business and it worked. His attention to detail is second to none. We are a much stronger company now thanks to James' expertise and ideas. I believe that he can help any company with their marketing and advertising.

Ed Scott, Executive Director USPA

James La Barrie has participated as a speaker at USPA's biennial Drop Zone Operators' Conference for a number of years, addressing a variety of marketing topics related to increasing drop zone business. He most recently gave a marketing presentation to 140 attendees at the 2013 DZO Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, in March. Participants gave a lot of positive feedback regarding James' presentation. One attendee commented, "Customers are why we are in business. James La Barrie's passion for 'amazing' customers and marketing is much needed." Another remarked, "James La Barrie provided good insight into customer satisfaction at a DZ. We all want to grow our businesses. He offered new ideas for the modern age."

Rusty Vest, Performance Designs

James' passion for creating a great customer experience shines through in his presentations. He combines his life experience growing up in family run businesses in a very competitive atmosphere along with his journey running and growing a drop zone and large skydiving events. His involvement with one of the premier annual skydiving events has brought him to a position in life to share his knowledge and help other business's gain from his experience.

Sandy Reid, Rigging Innovations

As the organizer for the Midwest Skydivers Reunion, the single biggest and best decision I made was to hire James LaBarrie as the organizing consultant for the event. He came highly recommended and even though I had no knowledge of his background, after talking with him I could tell he had extensive experience in organizing events of this type. His detailed preparation during the runup to the event included an early onsite visit to familiarize himself with the location and facilities. Once the Reunion started, the detailed preparations and checklists he provided quickly proved their worth. While the participants availed themselves of the facilities and staff preparation, James and his staff worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the event. By the time of the Reunion banquet, most if not all the participants commented on the superb organization that allowed them to enjoy the event and see many friends whom they had not seen in almost 40 years. The final wrap up of the Reunion was a non-event as things came to a close as planned. Myself and the other organizes could not have wished for a better event due to the efforts of James and his staff. If anyone is planning to do a similar type of event, the first thing on your to do list is to call James and get him as a team member. He was worth every dollar spent on his services.

Doug Smith, Chicagoland Skydiving Center

At CSC, we feel that we've assembled a strong management team and a solid group of professional skydiving staff, however, the value of bringing someone in from the outside with industry experience to critique our systems, policies, and overall operation proved to be invaluable. James hosted a 2.5 hour seminar that impacted our team in a very powerful way. Our team left energized and empowered. It is now our job to maintain the momentum, but James has helped put CSC on course to amaze our guests and keep them coming back for more.

The follow-up critique sent by Beyond Marketing was comprehensive, thorough, insightful, and accurate. Clearly, James cares about his work and it was great to see our staff so excited.

Bo Babovic, Wisconsin Skydiving Center

Prior to meeting James, we had tried several marketing campaigns over the course of the 15 years in business. All these efforts created dismal results and because of that, we developed a strong aversion to marketing in general. Therefore, our market presence was small, we fell behind, and our web footprint - minimal. That all changed, after we started working with James.

We heard him speak at a Parachute Industry Symposium years ago, and we immediately sensed that James is a different kind of Marketer. Part of James' expertise comes from many years of experience in the skydiving industry which is very customer service intensive. He took us by the hand, established a trusting working relationship and brought us to a place where we feel better about our business, our future, and ourselves. His guidance has always come from a place of honesty and integrity and he lives up to his promise to Amaze his customers! He helped us present ourselves to our customers for who we really are. His work speaks for itself: www.WisconsinSkydivingCenter.com. James is an extraordinary human being.

Bo Babovic and Alex Kolacio
Owners, Wisconsin Skydiving Center

Bram & Elly Clement, Skydive Ratings

James was highly recommended to us by a good friend and when the time was there that we needed a new web-site, James was the first person we thought about. A web-site is the public face of your business and we wanted to make sure we would put it in the best hands possible.

Working with James has been (and still is) an absolute pleasure. Especially after he invited us to his Mastermind Seminar during this year's PIA, we got to know each other better and we knew right away, that we could not have found a better person to work on our web-site. James went out of his way to get to know us personally, so he would better understand what our business needs are and how to let our personalities shine through the site.

His input on how to present ourselves was fresh, eye opening and very professional. James amazed us in a lot of ways. His communication, follow up after I had questions, creativity , his visions - truly wonderful!

If you are looking for a true professional then look no further and contact James La Barrie and he will AMAZE you!

Thanks for a great job James!

Nicole Smith, Velocity Rigs

DropZone Marketing really lives up to their motto- "It's not our job to please the customer...it's our job to amaze them." They've done just that- AMAZED US! They delivered a phenomenal product, but the experience doesn't stop there. The experience has continued even after our website launched. We have been blown away by Beyond Marketing's promptness, efficiency, and their stellar customer service. Thanks James and team for your remarkable work.

Melanie Curtis, Life Coach

In 2011 I told James that somehow, some way, I wanted to work with him. Why? Because James GETS IT. Seriously. He really gets that customer service is rooted in actually caring about people. From that place, he creates brands that truly speak to and for the companies he works with, and teaches them how to blow their customers' minds by simply providing exceptional service. With that, James creates fierce loyalty in his clients' customers and powerful word-of-mouth as those wowed customers share their experiences. The best word-of-mouth marketing comes from this, this is where James is truly talented, and why any client of his is sure to grow big time. I'm not a drop zone, but he did it for me and my business, website, and branding too. We don't call him the GODFATHER for nothin'!"

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

James' expertise in web site development and internet marketing is unmatched. But even more importantly he took on my project like it was his own. He asked questions, got to know me and understood what I wanted. From there he saw potential and possibilities I hadn't recognized and expanded beyond what I had even imagined. He trained me to continue without his services but I'm comforted knowing as I move forward he has my back. I would highly recommend him.

Nick Wimmer, Camp Canaan

James La Barrie gave new life to our organization! When we brought James in to consult with our management team we were in that four-year rut of operational burnout and exhaustion that companies typically fall into. We were stretched thin and struggling to keep things fresh and creative in our programs.

James understood where we were as a small non-profit camp and retreat center and quickly assessed both our greatest weaknesses and our potential strengths in an effort to help us see the best version of our organization. His method is simple but effective in that we take an honest evaluation of who we are and what we do and make sure that this fits with the audience we are serving. Then James began to help us work through the "How" we do what we do by creating efficient systems that we can deliver on consistently every time.

James helped remind our team that our customer, our camper, our adventure participant should be at the center of everything that we do. He taught us that our marketing edge in a competitive world is great customer service-- not slick advertising. He motivated and inspired our team to think differently about what we do and how we do it and helped us connect it all back to our vision of why we started the organization in the first place.

Working with James has been a remarkable milestone in our company's journey. Through his consultation, training and coaching we have experienced a dynamic shift in our work culture and gained new perspective on how we can deliver excellence in everything we do.