9 Hacks Every Traveling Skydiver Should Know

Monday, July 8, 2019

When it comes to travel, there are more than a few skydivers that we know that hold Diamond status with an airline(we’re looking at you, Tom Noonan, Regan Tetlow, and Annette O’Neil). If you’re unfamiliar with Annette, she’s a digital nomad that can be found anywhere between Europe, Africa, the US or (insert the country name here) in any given month. In the interest of helping us all out, we asked Annette to share some tips on how to travel most efficiently as a skydiver. Below is what she had to share:

9 Travel Hacks Every Skydiver Should Know

by Annette O’Neil

Taking your skydiving show on the road? Awesome! Traveling as a skydiver is one of the most singularly rewarding aspects of the sport. Going further afield than a road trip can present some sticky challenges, sure — but we’re here to help you meet them with savvy and panache.

skydiver checking the AAD on a rig
a man waiting at baggage claim
Customs and Immigration


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