8 Must-Have Apps for Every Skydiver’s Phone

Monday, November 18, 2019

Did you know?

95% of Americans own a cellphone, and of that 95%, 77% own a smartphone, according to the PEW Research Center.

Undoubtedly, these palm-sized pocket computers have revolutionized our lives.

Think about it. In our back pocket, we consistently have access to a wealth of software services and boundless information. Are you making the most of it?

Whether you are a regular techie or looking to take a step toward digital savvy, allow us to make some important introductions. Get ready to meet the 8 must-have apps for every skydiver’s phone.


Would you like to avoid the shuffling queue of skydivers at Manifest on a busy summer Saturday and maximize your time at the dropzone by spending more time in the sky and less time on the ground? Of course, you would.

Available for Android and iPhone, the BurbleMe Application is a must-have. The most recent version of the Burble App allows skydivers to check-in, self-manifest, load organizes, view transactions, and has an added logbook functionality. Plainly put, for self-respecting skydivers in the 21st century, the BurbleMe App is a must-have.

Spot Assist Skydiving Tool

Used by jumpers across the world and available for download on both iOS and Google devices, the Spot Assist Skydiving Tool App helps jumpers plot the best exit area and pattern using current wind conditions and satellite imaging. The application provides skydivers access to see current weather as well as surface winds and winds aloft.

Cutaway from your main canopy? An additional helpful use for this tool is a “cut-away locator” function. Indicate your cut-away location on the Spot Assist map, and using winds aloft data, Spot Assist will calculate where it has landed.

Rhythm Skydiving 401

Looking to develop some sweet four-way skills? Look no further than the Rhythm Skydiving 401 App. Brought to you by SDC Rhythm XP, the app is a one-stop-shop for all things 4-way. Free content includes access to articles and resources for how to learn 4-way, how to form and plan a team, performance tips, body flight techniques, flashcards, continuity plans, a Draw Generator, and a Dive Timer.

If you spring for the annual Rhythm 401 Subscription, you receive access to over 160 videos covering Exits, Blocks, Randoms, and Rhythm training videos. Built with skydiver’s in mind, videos covering Blocks and Randoms contain color-coded helmets, lines, and intermediate pictures overlaid for both beginner and advanced block techniques; likewise, videos of exits include “in air” videos as well as detailed pictures in the mockup of each exit with color-coded helmets and foot placement.

A subscription also ensures users access to new content as well as training/competition videos as they are released.

Skydive TV

With access to both Google and iOS users, the SkydiveTV app is a free way to keep up to date with the latest news in the sport and industry of skydiving. With 523 episodes and counting, covering everything from the recent Parachute Industry Association Symposium to World Meets, Records, and Nationals, SkydiveTV is how modern skydivers stay informed!


Who likes managing piles of paperwork, chasing down credentials, or keeping up with copies of rating cards and coursework?

No one, that’s who.

Would you prefer convenient credential verification? Maybe you’re interested in on-demand, real-time proof of your licensure and ratings? Well, guess what? You’re in luck. The digital platform of Sig.ma offers just that (for free!) on both Android and iOS devices with the Merits app.

Endorsed by the United States Parachute Association, Sig.ma Merits are being used for digital membership recognition. And, if you have a USPA membership, you already have a profile on Sig.ma. All that’s left is to claim it. Once you do, you can manage merits, check-in, and allow organizations to quickly verify your credentials on the Merits app.

The merits of the Merits app include licenses, certifications, memberships, and applicable completed courses. No matter where you roam, with the Merits app, you have access to real-time digital merits to verify accomplishments at your fingertips.

Want to make that coveted beach jump but can’t find your USPA membership card? Don’t fret. Just bust out your celly, ‘cause with the Merits app, you’ve got access to your C-license merit. Boom. Verified Proof. Get ready to land with your toes in the sand.

For professional skydivers to weekend warrior fun jumpers, no doubts about it, the Merits app is a must-have.

Reserve Date

Currently only available on iOS devices, Reserve Date is a no-fuss application to keep up with your re-pack cycle dates. The application uses the date your reserve is packed and calculates 180 days after, so you always know the last day you can jump your reserve legally.

Once calculated, you can save the date to be displayed later, or you can schedule a reminder on your device. Do you have multiple rigs? No problem. You can create reminders for multiple reserves!

Dropzones – USPA Dropzone Finder

Planning a skydiving road trip across America? Relocating for work but unsure of an accessible local drop zone? Or are you a fun jumper simply in search of a new place to shred?

Download the Dropzone – USPA Dropzone Finder.  As the first app ever released into the App Store during freefall, the Dropzones-USPA Dropzones App is a handy-dandy tool to discover current United States Parachute Association member drop zones.

With ease, locate the dropzones closed to where you are or search by state, region, aircraft, services offered, or training capabilities.

Regardless of where your wanderlust heart takes you, with the Dropzone – USPA Dropzone Finder you can discover a new home or, at the very least, a groovy place to visit!

Fancy Wing Loading Calculator

A dapper application available on iOS devices, the Fancy Wingloading Calculator can be used to…you guessed it…calculate your wing loading!

Enter your weight, equipment weight, canopy size, and determine your wing loading. Features of the Fancy Wingloading Calculator include a Tandem mode where the passenger’s weight can be factored in and a sliding scale option to assess the relationship between various corresponding factors included in determining wing loading; for example, you can use the app to determine how changes in canopy size (with weight as a constant) would affect wing loading or the canopy size that corresponds to a specific increase in wing loading.

The best part? Absolutely no arithmetic skills are required.

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