5 Burble Hacks Every DZ Needs To Know

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

From someone who’s utilized other manifest software (including “oldschool” load sheet and graphite pencil), I can say when Burble arrived on the scene it was a breath of fresh air; albeit, a bit of a whirlwind to introduce and set up on a hectic summer Saturday. Yet, after our turbulent start, Burble manifest software and I made fast friends. From working intimately with Burble for several years, I’ve picked up a few hacks that keep things running smoothly and help manifest preserve their sanity.

Hack Number One: MERIT Connection

USPA credential checks can be tricky matters to navigate. In years past, there were paper copies of cards that were easily lost. Now, there’s a vast digital terrain to traverse to find proof of USPA membership. Searching for a jumper’s credentials on the USPA database when the jumper has a common last name will often add additional time to the verification process. At DZ’s, pain-points at check-in cause slow downs, slow downs mean less jumpers able to manifest quickly, and, this, in turn, means less money coming in.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to manage? Oh wait. There is! Taking advantage of the integration between Burble and MERIT makes it easy to keep up with jumpers’ USPA memberships and credentials. By following the steps below, a jumper can complete the MERIT integration.

  1. Open your BurbleMe App.
  2. Select Profile (the little person icon in the bottom left corner).
  3. Click “Connect MERIT.”
  4. Confirm to give Burble access to your Merit profile and Merits.
  5. Choose Dropzones to share this information with and click “Update My Connections.”



Once the integration is complete, henceforth, a jumper’s credentials are auto-populated into the individual’s Jumper Detail.

Hack Number Two: Easy Jumper Imports

There’s nothing that incites an aggravated sigh quite like the dreaded duplicate Jumper Detail entry that most commonly occurs with traveling jumpers. Aside from being a nuisance from a manifest standpoint, it’s an opportunity for money or tickets to be mismanaged on jumper’s accounts. As long as a visiting jumper can log into the app, this burble hack is a snap.

  1. Ask the jumper to open the BurbleMe App.
  2. At the top, select the highlighted dropzone.
  3. On the following screen, select the + sign.
  4. Search for the dropzone and select.
  5. Return to the previous screen and select the dropzone to set it.



While certain information will still need to be verified, the individual’s complete Jumper Detail will now appear in Burble.

*Please note, this hack only works for individuals who already have a Burble account.

Hack Number Three: QR Scanning For Super Speedy Manifesting

For dropzones that allow self-manifesting, this hack is particularly helpful for sport jumpers. To easily add jumpers to a load, an organizer or jump “ring leader” can have members of the group select the tile on the Burble App that says “Get Organized.” The individual doing the organizing will select the “Join Load” tile and select the QR scan icon. This allows them to quickly scan each member and add them to the jump list. From here, select a load, and you’re on your way!



Hack Number Four: Create From Waiver

For those dropzones that also utilize Smartwaiver as their online waiver platform, the “Create From Waiver” function is incredibly helpful, especially if your DZ accepts walk-in customers. Rather than taking precious time to hand enter each piece of information with second stealing keystrokes, you can import information from the individual’s waiver.

Once the customer has completed the waiver, head to Jumper Detail in DZM.

  1. Select the “Create New From Waiver” button.
  2. In the dialogue box that opens, select the waiver type, enter the jumper’s name, and select search.
  3. Choose the correct waiver and select “Create Jumper From Waiver”

The information from the jumper’s waiver will then auto-populate into their Jumper Detail.


Hack Number 5: Setting Up A Team For Quick Staff Check-in

This hack is not an LJ original. Rather, the credit goes to a prior coworker. The process of checking in morning staff at a DZ can be a bit tedious. This hack solves that. Instead of manually visiting each staff member’s Jumper Detail to check them in individually at the start of each business day, you can create a team of your staff in the team builder, and instead, have a quick simultaneous check-in. It’s a quick and efficient way to have everyone ready (from a digital standpoint) for the day. An additional perk: if there is an issue checking-in a staff member, it will flag them with a red “Problem” under the “Checked In” column.


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