James La Barrie


James believes that your corporate culture is the ticket every business owner should invest in. Happy employees deliver amazing service. Amazing service yields delighted customers. Delighted customers spread the word.

In short, it’s service – not a slew of flashy ad campaigns – that fuels the best marketing money can never buy: word of mouth.

But unless you arm those customers with easy-access to your story and services, as well as vehicles to spread the word, your message can’t go far. (And people who can’t find you become someone else’s customers.)

James founded Beyond Marketing in 2013 to help businesses of all sizes and life cycle stages to first amaze their customers and then empower them to shout from the rooftops about their stellar experience. In 2015, he established DropZone Marketing to cater specifically to the skydiving industry.

Like so many of us in the industry, though, James’ journey to the sky was meandering if not serendipitous. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense.


Raised in a hotel on the Caribbean island of Antigua, James learned from the get-go that service is everyone’s business. He witnessed first-hand that happy customers become raving fans who not only come on back for more, but tell everyone about their experience on their way over.

James’ first love – golf – brought him to the US as a teenager, and later to Queens University of Charlotte where he studied Business Administration, Marketing and French. After earning his degree, he was a PGA Head Professional at a local club for the better part of five years … until DZO Danny Smith wandered onto the course and introduced James to skydiving.

James took the helm as General Manager at Skydive Carolina in 2004. Over the course of nearly nine years, he grew this small dropzone into a multi-million dollar operation using plain and simple customer service, tried and true attention to detail, cost-efficient initiatives and cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.

And he’s helped others worldwide accomplish the same.

Since establishing Beyond Marketing (non-skydiving agency brand) and DropZone Marketing, James and his team have supported clients across three continents. Our portfolio represents dropzones and discipline-specific businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and mom-and-pops to industry mainstays and household names.

James is a featured writer for Blue Skies Magazine, DropZone.com and publishes a private newsletter for industry professionals. He’s also a regular on the conference speaker circuit and frequently conducts on-site trainings for DZ professionals around the world.