Skydive Orange

In 1991, I (James La Barrie) came to the US to attend high school. The destination: Woodberry Forest School located in the sleepy town of Orange, Virginia. As a 13-year-old from the Caribbean, skydiving was never on my radar, but it seems incredible to me that I would visit this town again 23 years later and begin working with a company in a place that set me on an incredible journey.

I have strong feelings for the town, the DZ and its skydiving community.

In 2014, I spent two days with the management team and staff of Skydive Orange. Services provided included a customer service workshop, marketing consulting and operations consulting with the membership, board and owner of student operations. It was a wonderful experience.

In 2016, DropZone Marketing team produced a new website for the DZ which included search engine optimization and a mobile-responsive design.

In the spring of 2017, I met with the Skydive Orange management team at PIA and agreed to work with the DZ to help with numbers growth. Proud to work with this wonderful DZ and its community of people!

Location: Orange, Virginia


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