South Australia Skydiving

South Australia Skydiving

During our seven week tour of Australia in 2015, we visited SA Skydiving in Wellington, Australia (about an hour south of Adelaide). To say we hit it off with this community would be an understatement. The owner of SA Skydiving is Greg "Miff" Smith, a legend in Australian skydiving who has done much to push Australian skydiving to where it is today.

What we loved about SA is the culture Miff has created at his DZ. It's a true family atmosphere where everyone is very close and takes good care of each other. We felt honored to build a relationship with this community (shout out to Jed, Janna, Bryce and Johnny Windsock) and even more honored to assist them with both their logo and website development needs.

Thank you SA Skydiving for trusting us with your web design needs!

Location: Wellington, SA


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