DZOs: 7 Companies That Should Be On Your Radar for 2024

Saturday, February 3, 2024

With the 2024 season a few short months away, I’m recommending six tools to all my dropzone clients to help streamline processes. They are as follows: 

1. Yonder HQ 

YonderHQ offers two unique tools – an AI Chatbot and Review Management Software. 

AI Chatbot

Using artificial intelligence, the chatbot isn’t as robotic as other chatbots I’ve seen and does a great job of answering the routine questions we receive on the phone – (pricing, weight restrictions, weather, cancellation policies, group bookings… the same questions every DZ gets every day. The chatbot is helpful as it a). Allows customers to get answers to questions quickly and b). Reduces the volume of phone calls to the DZ, especially after hours. 

Additionally, this chat feature is tried and tested with major brands like Skydive Australia (~20 DZs in their portfolio) and was used by several of my clients in 2023 with successful outcomes. 

Review Management Software

We all know the importance of reviews. My agency used to endorse Get 5 Stars / Reviewability, and we have shifted to Yonder’s Review Management tool as the back end is less complex and the setup is simpler. 

*DropZone Marketing Clients: If you are interested in this tool, we can add additional value for the same price. 

Click here to learn more or contact Letitia – letitia(at) *Mention Beyond Marketing*

2. Revl 

Many of you may remember Revl – a turnkey video editing tool.

Since undergoing some internal restructuring, this company has upped their game in three key areas: 

1. No longer require the use of Revl cameras, and now use GoPro.

2. The customer service is outstanding.

3. Setup is straightforward.

I do not endorse Revl, loosely. I became intrigued by Revl after a DZ client was raving to me about their customer service. This DZ was running both editing software programs (the other company being the predominant platform in the industry). To them, there was one clear-cut winner – Revl. 

In full disclosure, Revl reached out to me in the fall of 2023 to discuss marketing help, and I requested to see a demo of their system before endorsing or marketing their product. Between the ease of equipment setup and raving endorsements for customer service, I was impressed enough to recommend this product. The primary point of contact is Casey Dixon – he doesn’t push sales and is upfront about whether Revl would serve as a good fit.

If you’d like to speak with Revl, reach out to Casey Dixon at or visit their website here.  

3. Gusto

Gusto is an online payroll solution that I continue to endorse because of their customer service! When we couldn’t get PPP funding from Wells Fargo during COVID, Gusto came to the rescue when we needed it! Aside from my loyalty to their service running payroll to contractors and employees couldn’t be easier. 

Here’s a referral code. Once you sign up and run your first payroll, you’ll receive a $100 from Gusto. ​​

4. Manufactory Apparel 

Several of my clients have experienced service challenges from a few skydiving apparel companies in 2023. If you’re looking for a new solution that provides great design, then I recommend Manufactory. Owner Rob Delaney served as the Creative Director for Skydive Dubai and has a long-standing resumé in the world of fashion. I know Rob personally and can testify to his service and design. Don’t let the fact that Manufactory is based in Australia be a hindrance; they have suppliers in the US and the quality control is very strong. Manufactory’s client list includes Sun Path, Skydive Spaceland, JYRO, Red Bull, USPA, and several other premium skydive brands. 


5. Levity Reimagined

Leah Levy of “Levity” has expanded her product line from hammocks and chairs to backpacks, waist bags, and much more. Leah’s entire product line is made of retired canopies and other used materials from various air sports. Leah is now positioned to provide DZ Gear Stores with her variety of products. Visit her website here, or follow Levity on Facebook.

6. Guideline 

If offering your employees a 401K solution, I recommend Guideline. It syncs seamlessly with Gusto and has been easy to use with our business for our employees. Super happy with this platform!

7. Big A## Calendar

DZ Event Planners, REJOICE!!!! If you’re familiar with Jesse Itzler, you’ve probably seen ads for the Big A## Calendar. I purchased it and love it! I’ve planned out my entire calendar year, from the DZ Brain Trust and podcast release schedule to vacations and everything in between! I highly recommend it because you can see an entire year laid out as each row represents a month.



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