How To Write a Press Release for Skydiving

Thursday, March 31, 2022

The purpose of writing a press release is to have one consistent channel when communicating with the media. Having just one message versus multiple soundbites from multiple sources helps reduce the time your business stays in the spotlight.

Every DZM should know how to write a press release because you’ll need to create one at some point.

How To Write a Press Release

The Elements of a DZ Press Release


  • Start Wide Then Narrow It Down – Tell the most important information first then narrow it down into the details.


  • Avoid all skydiving terms wherever possible. Try to have language be black and white and as simple as possible.


  • Show the organization’s humanity. The media’s speculation almost always makes the DZ look negligent in some kind of way.


  • Educate where applicable. The best headline for clicks is to paint a picture that a skydiver plummeted from 10,000’’ to their deaths. Add enough detail to negate this occurred (if it didn’t actually occur).


  • Indicate cooperation with relevant authorities.


  • Provide contact information.


Below is an actual press release used with the media following a jumper who appeared to have passed away while under canopy from a medical condition. The purpose of demonstrating an actual press release is for the purpose of educating our community at large and is not intended to be insensitive to the DZ or the deceased. 

Additional Notes

There are several details in this press release that are worth noting.

  • It was believed the individual passed away due to a medical condition. This was never mentioned as it was speculation.
  • Minimal skydiving terms were used. The term parachute was used in place of canopy. the word “dropzone or DZ” was not used.
  • The sex of the individual was left out to reduce any possible speculation.
  • Use of witnesses to the event to corroborate the details “Observers noticed…”
  • Name of the deceased should never be released by the DZ.
  • When it comes to experienced skydiving fatalities the media often paint a picture of negligence. It’s important to show that the DZ has nothing to hide.



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